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How to Reduce the Risk of Musculo Skeletal Disorder when Wrapping Pallets.

An Expert Report by Bespoke Wellbeing Ltd. 

Specialist Occupational Health Physiotherapists

Concerned by the statistics that show the amount of work days lost through Musculo-skeletal Disorders, Wessex Packaging requested an ergonomic assessment of manually wrapping pallets by hand.

Occupational Health and Physiotherapy Specialists, Bespoke Wellbeing Ltd, were commissioned to analyse the pallet wrapping process and to investigate the ergonomic advancements, and risk reduction opportunities, that using the WRAPIDO™ Wrap Dispenser.

Read the Expert Report to discover the risks and results.

“Musculo Skeletal Disorder affects the joints, bones and muscles, and also includes rarer autoimmune diseases and back pain.” Source: NHS England.

The causes are bending, crouching, twisting, stretching, repetitive work, pulling, pushing and stress. (Source: HSE).

Pallet wrapping by hand is a physically demanding work task which carries a very high-risk score for physical injuries which requires workplace investigation and process change.

Warehouse, logistics and supply chain managers need to be aware of the risk of MSD within their operating teams, so they can put in safer and more ergonomic working practices.


Musculo-skeletal Disorder can significantly impact your business.

Across the UK the incidence of MSD is the second biggest cause of days lost in work, after coughs and colds (2016).

There is a higher risk of MSD in manual roles and 44% of the fit notes issued for MSD conditions last for a minimum of five weeks.

Warehouse teams simply can not afford the consequences of operators incurring MSD through poor hand pallet wrapping processes.

Occupational Health Report. Hand Pallet Wrapping Process. How to reduce the risk of musculo skeletal disorders (MSDs) when wrapping pallets. Download the report from Wessex Packaging and Bespoke Wellbeing.

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