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Unboxing ErgoPack…the secret will be revealed!

Definitely an unboxing that we’ve been looking forward to here at Wessex Packaging, as the latest delivery from ErgoPack’s HQ in Germany arrives!

The secret of what’s in the box will be revealed soon…but we’re delighted that the interest in ErgoPack amongst logistics, warehouse and health and safety managers around the world continues to grow.

In the UK, ErgoPack is helping businesses such as Amazon, Hasbro, Pfizer, Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch and many other companies, both large and small, to improve their pallet strapping process and enhance the wellbeing of warehouse and logistics operators.

ErgoPack machines are ideal for companies who are strapping approx 50+ pallets per week, as the process of strapping a pallet twice can easily be done in under a minute, and removes the need for anyone to be poking strapping material through a pallet (sometimes by the use of a broom handle!) manually.

So, whilst we wait for the box to be fully removed and the secret within revealed, do please contact us if you’d like a free on-site ErgoPack demo.

Simon Watt, our Technical Sales Manager, can be contacted here, or call us on 01935 474 217.

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