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Talking plastic packaging reduction with the GIMA

The Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association (GIMA) recently asked our Head of Marketing, Tim Hayne, to present at their conference on the Plastic Packaging Tax and Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations.

Representing suppliers and manufacturers, GIMA recognises the role and impact of plastic packaging in the UK gardening industry. As part of their Plastic Packaging Pledge they have set out a route plan to reduce the amount of single use plastic in the packaging of home garden products.

The conference, held at Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire, enabled GIMA members to learn about the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) and Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations (EPR) that will come into effect from 1st April 2022, and 2023 respectively.

With Wessex Packaging being experts in working with businesses to find relevant environmental and commercial packaging solutions, Tim gave an insight into the PPT and challenged attendees to look at ways of reducing plastic in their supply chain.

Tim presented an over of the Plastic Packaging Tax White Paper that has been written to help give an overview of the opportunities and implications of the tax for operators in the manufacturing, logistics and supply chain industries. GIMA members could take away a copy of the white paper with them, or download it from the Wessex Packaging website.

Tim also gave a practical demonstration on how much plastic can be saved when wrapping pallets (inc totes or cage trolleys) in the manufacturers’ logistics process. Tim challenged members to consider the plastic packaging implications in their warehouses, distribution centres and despatch areas, and to challenge their suppliers and teams to use less plastic.

Tim gave the visual example of showing two balls of plastic pallet wrap film from a recent pallet wrap audit conducted by Wessex Packaging. Both balls of plastic film had wrapped a customer’s pallet of goods. One ball weighed 403g and was the film that the company was originally using, and the second ball of film weighed just 151g, representing a 62.5% plastic waste reduction. This second ball was using Wessex Packaging’s high performance nano film, PowerWrap®.

This challenge to consider the pallet wrap that GIMA members use, would be a simple way to significantly reduce the amount of single use plastic in their business. Discussion was also held about recyclable pallet wrap film, and Tim offered ReGen100™, a 100% recycled hand pallet wrap film, to the audience as a viable solution.

Tim also presented some eco-friendly and sustainable paper alternative to plastic packaging, with recycled and recyclable options such as HexaWrap® and TheBoxer®, as easy to use paper products that can be sued for wrapping and voidfill.

A panel session also discussed the cost implications of both EPR and PPT, ways of recording packaging data, and the timescales involved. Consultants Josh Remi from Ecoveritas and Lee Wearing from Valpak, detailed the work and services that they offer to help manage the regulations, which are still subject to change.

Wessex Packaging would like to thank Vicky Nuttall (GIMA Director) and Jane Lawler (Lawler Associates) for the opportunity to meet and present to GIMA members, on what was a very interesting and stimulating subject.

The team at Wessex Packaging are very happy to help GIMA members with any packaging advice or materials. Please contact us on 01935 474 217 or email sales@wessexpkg.co.uk.

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