Carbon Neutral Packing Tape – New!

Carbon Neutral Packing Tape from Wessex Packaging, on a cardboard box.

We’re delighted to have Carbon Neutral Packing Tape as the latest new addition to our adhesive tape range. Made from recycled materials, we’ve offset the carbon involved in the production and transportation of this tape with Climatetrade™. This contribution will help one of their certified climate-regenerative projects around the world. We decided to work with […]

Bubble wrap now with 30% post consumer waste!

Bubble wrap from Wessex Packaging now plastic tax compliant with 30% post consumer waste

We’re pleased to announce that our standard bubble wrap now contains 30% recycled post consumer waste! This significant step will help your business become more eco-friendly with your packaging materials, and be compliant with the Plastic Packaging Tax. Our Procurement and Development Team work hard to ensure that we bring you the latest in packaging […]