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Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging
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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Packaging

We’re committed to helping businesses make their packaging much more sustainable and eco-friendly.

We will help you go greener…and pack with a conscience. 






Everyone’s different. With different processes, products and objectives.

We will work with you to understand what it is you’re doing now, and what you’d like to achieve. So we can be a partner to help deliver on your sustainability KPIs.

As ‘clever packaging people’ for over 45 years, our team know all about the most efficient and effective packaging materials and processes. 

We’ll visit you for a no-obligation on-site packaging audit and start the journey to a greener, more eco-friendly, packaging solution.


Recycled. Reusable. Eco. Degradable. 

We won’t just throw some appropriate sounding words at you. 

Having listened to you, and evaluated what and how you pack, only then will we discuss more sustainable packaging options.

Our recommendations are based on proven examples with other customers and use the latest materials, all delivering to your sustainability objectives.

In many cases, it’s not just what you pack with, it’s how you pack. Our packaging experts can easily demonstrate some techniques to help you improve and be more efficient.


Environmentally friendly.

We don’t just talk about sustainable products, our commitment is put into practice as an ISO:14001 certified company.

This environmental management system certification is just a part of our ethos.

At the core of our business is a wide range of eco-friendly products and we work closely with our suppliers to identify and develop new initiatives that help towards a more sustainable packaging future.

Plastic reduction.

There’s no doubt that plastic is one of the key packaging waste culprits.

That’s why we look to replace with recyclable paper wherever possible – for example, swapping bubble wrap for TheBoxer® packing paper.

But we understand that plastic has it’s uses, and we work hard to maxmise it’s efficiency. That’s why we’ve developed PowerWrap® – a new generation pallet wrap film, that reduces the amount of plastic consumption, whilst wrapping more effectively and economically.

Looking for sustainable packaging products?

Discover our range below.

Made from recycled material and certified 100% carbon offset.

Distinctive green pallet strapping made from 100% recycled plastics.

All our standard bubble wrap is now made of 30% recycled material.

Our foam edge protectors now have 30% recycled content.

The recyclable paper alternative to bubble wrap.

Ditch the plastic tape for a smarter and fully recyclable option.

100m of paper tape with a natural rubber adhesive. The natural choice.

Say goodbye to polystyrene foam with this 450m long roll.

Don’t ship and store bulky bubble wrap. Pack and protect on-demand.

The easy, efficient, economical eco taping solution.

Make use of your cardboard boxes. Turn them into void fill!

Choose cardboard, not plastic, for easy kerbside recycling.

Biodegradable paper doucment enclosed wallet shown on a box. From Wessex Packaging.

Plastic free and biodegradable paper. The way to address plastic reduction.

ReGen100™ 100% recycled hand pallet stretch wrap from Wessex Packaging

NEW to the industry! ReGen100™ is a 100% recycled hand pallet wrap.

Use less with our latest technology film that wraps stronger and lighter.

For an ergonomic, easy and efficient way to strap pallets, we can help.

Ask us about sustainable packaging...

We can help. Speak to one of our team and we’ll find the eco products that are right for you.

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