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Supply Chain Update: Red Sea Disruption

We would like to reassure you about our stock and supply availability, whilst there are on-going disruptions to shipping in the Red Sea.

We do not currently have any significant stock issues and we are well placed for future deliveries in our supply chain. In fact, we have an exceptional 99.56% availability of our stock products, and we continue to maintain a very high 99.44% OTIF (On Time In Full) delivery record.

Our expert Procurement Team are monitoring the situation closely, working with our range of suppliers and liaising with shipping companies daily. As we always have stock available in our 100k sq. ft distribution centre, and carefully plan our forward supply chain, we can ensure an on-going supply to you, our customers.

The current situation in the Middle East is that many carriers have suspended most voyages through the Red Sea / Gulf of Aden. Shipping lines are diverting around the Cape of Good Hope for the foreseeable future.

As approximately 25-30% of global shipping volumes pass through the Suez Canal, the impact is being felt worldwide. The rerouting of cargo vessels around Africa is causing the following issues:

  • Extended transit times
    • Shipping times are being lengthened by 14 days on average
  • Reduction in container capacity
    • Available global container capacity is being reduced by approx. 10-15%.
  • Increases in freight rates
    • Rates on key routes, eg. Asia-Europe are increasing
  • Space shortages
    • The rerouting of vessels has increased demand for space on key shipping lanes, with many vessels being fully booked
  • Extra surcharges
    • Additional administration and operating costs are being applied, many at short notice, due to changing circumstances

We are pleased to be operating as business-as-usual, and ensuring you have all the packaging supplies you need.

We will let you know of any updates.

If you do have any questions, or specific requirements that we can help with, do please get in touch.

Call our friendly Customer Service Team on 01935 474 217 or email us at [email protected]

Map of shipping routes around the Red Sea and Africa. Part of Wessex Packaging's supply chain update. February 2024.
Map of shipping routes around the Red Sea and Africa. Part of Wessex Packaging’s supply chain update. February 2024.

Details correct at time of publication: 6th February 2024

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