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Strongest. Stickiest. Longest. Easiest.

Discover our range of e-tape™…they’re so good and so popular, we think they’re the…

Strongest, Stickiest, Longest and Easiest tapes available.

As packaging people, we love tape. And many of our customers particularly love our e-tape™. With a range of colours, sizes and dispensers, e-tape is the ideal solution for all your packing and taping needs – a perfect packaging partner.

e-tape is our bestselling taping system. Each roll has 150m of high performance tape, with a small core giving you more per roll…now that’s a clever packaging idea!

Why e-tape™?

It Saves Space – with 150m of tape on each role, it’s longer than most conventional tapes and can help reduce storage space by up to 55%

It Saves Time – with a longer roll and more efficient and effective tape, it will save you down time and reduce the number of roll changes

It Saves Packaging Waste – the smaller core and longer rolls will help reduce waste by up to 55% compared to other tapes

It Saves the Strain – an ergonomic and quieter dispenser helps make for a better working environment

Our e-tape range includes:

e-tape™ 1

A high performance strong adhesive polypropylene tape in clear, buff or white. Our most popular tape.

This premium solvent adhesive on a quality polypropylene tape performs perfectly in temperatures between -20° and +50°C, with a fast initial tack and long term bond of up to 12 months.

e-tape™ 2

A general purpose polypropylene tape in clear or buff. An all-round performer, e-tape 2 is a strong reliable packaging tape that performs best indoors between +5° and +50°C, with a fast initial tack and long term bond of up to 12 months.

e-tape™ Plus

An outstanding value environmentally friendly water based adhesive polypropylene tape, that must be applied with pressure and performs best between +15° and +65°C.

e-tape Plus has a very good adhesion to plastic, pure kraft cartons and is more suitable for shorter term storage.

e-tape™ dispenser

And it’s not only the tapes that are so good…the e-tape dispenser is in a class of its own, with:

  • a soft ergonomic handle, so it’s more comfortable and easy to use
  • a static plate that holds the tape in place after cutting making it ready for the next use
  • a silencer bar to help reduce the amount of noise the tape makes coming off the roll
  • an automatic retractable blade that keeps the sharp edge out of harm’s way & keeps you safe
  • a built-in brake system that helps deliver a more consistent smooth tape application


e-tape 1 our best selling packaging tape

e-tape 2 a great general purpose packaging tape

e-tape+ an environmentally friendly packaging tape

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