A new pallet wrapping machine for £ZERO outlay

It’s now even easier to upgrade your warehouse processes with a brand new pallet wrapping machine.

Available for immediate delivery. No capital expenditure outlay needed.

Looking for improvements?

No Capital Expenditure

Warehouse Efficiency

Available for immediate delivery

ZEROCAP. Zero CapEx required. Pakaging solutions made easy.

Our offer to you...

Our offer is simple.

You can lease a PowerWrapper 1100 pallet wrapping machine for zero cost, when you agree to use our industry-leading PowerWrap® nano stretch film.

With no need for any capital expenditure for the machine, you can start making your pallet wrapping process more efficient, effective and environmental.

Helping you smash your dispatch and continuous improvement KPIs.

Lease the PowerWrapper 1100 with £ZEROCAP

Designed as high quality, high volume semi-automatic pallet wrapper, this machine has the capability to wrap 20-40 pallets per hour.

Affordable and easy to operate, the PowerWrapper1100 enables companies to start using pallet wrapping machines more easily and effectively.

Plus, with it’s patented lower noise turntable, the machine makes for an improved working environment.

RRP £4,495*

The PowerWrapper 1100 retails for approx £4,495. *Subject to specification.

You pay £0

With our £ZeroCap plan, you pay nothing.

We'd like to challenge your business to improve your pallet wrapping, and deliver more for less.

As pallet wrap experts, we know that the warehouse dispatch area is often overlooked. However, there are real commercial opportunities to…

Save time. Cut plastic waste. Reduce your packaging costs.

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A new pallet wrapping machine for zero outlay
We'd like to challenge you to deliver more for less.
PowerWrapper. Make your machine work for you.

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Simon Watt, Technical Sales Manager at Wessex Packaging, wit the PowerWrapper pallet wrapping machine trailer.

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Use less with our latest technology film that wraps stronger and lighter.

Compact and mobile. The ideal flexible wrapping machine.

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