WRAPIDO™ Nano hand pallet wrap film + dispenser.

Easy & Ergonomic

Lightweight + easy-grip handle

Fast Forward

Wrap speedily + no backward walking

Magnetic & Strong

Sturdily built with magnetic attraction

BOLT hand held hand wrap dispenser
BOLT hand pallet wrap film dispenser
BOLT hand pallet wrap dispenser

About the dispenser

Our WRAPIDO™ nano hand pallet wrap dispenser is the smart way to wrap a pallet.

Smooth, speedy and sturdy, the dispenser allows you to walk forwards around the pallet, holding the lightweight dispenser easily in one hand.

As the dispenser is approx 25% lighter than most similar products, it makes life easier and much more ergonomic if you are wrapping pallets on a regular basis in your warehouse or distribution centre.

It’s also a lot easier than walking round a pallet backwards, manually holding a roll of pallet wrap with your fingers in both ends of the cardboard inner core.

Try WRAPIDO™... it's easy!

Loading a roll of pallet wrap is quick and easy to do, and each roll can be tensioned by turning the dial on the top of the nano hand pallet wrap dispenser.

The dispenser allows for a consistent, smooth and even wrap to ensure your pallet is wrapped correctly and all the goods on it are stable and secure.

You can also tilt the dispenser sideways to create a ‘rope’ effect with the pallet wrap film to wrap around the pallet a few times, to make heavier loads even more secure.

The hand pallet wrap dispenser also comes with magnets on either end!

This means you can fix it simply, yet securely to racking, forklifts or work bench – ready for when you need it next.

The benefits…​

  • Smart:
    ergonomic design makes holding a roll of pallet film and wrapping a pallet easy.

  • Ergonomic:
    The ergonomic design allows you to walk forwards when wrapping a pallet, and less bending to wrap the pallet base.

  • Sturdy:
    The strong, but lightweight metal design makes it robust and ideal for a working warehouse environment.

  • Efficient:
    Easy loading of a new roll of pallet film and the tensioning dial, saves time and makes it a better wrapped pallet.

That’s why the WRAPIDO™ nano hand pallet wrap film and dispenser from Wessex Packaging is one of the most efficient solutions available.

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Customer Case Study

“Super easy! Our lads used to really bend & go round backwards to wrap a pallet!” Warehouse Team Leader. Northants.
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