Reduce your plastic consumption with a NEW PowerWrapper!

Our range of PowerWrapper semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines are engineered to deliver an affordable and effective way of wrapping pallets.

PowerWrapper machines are designed to help you use less plastic film in the wrapping process, whilst ensuring improved load stability.

To help your pallet wrapping process, our range includes a core break and PPS options with a low profile option.

As pallet wrap experts we offer a no-obligation consultation to help you wrap more effectively.

We can also bring a PowerWrapper pallet wrapping machine to your site for a free on-site demo.

PowerWrapper™ Robotic

Compact and mobile.
A bestselling value for money pallet wrapping solution.

PowerWrapper™ 50

An economic simple and reliable first pallet wrapping machine choice.

PowerWrapper™ 300

The machine for maximum efficiency and maximum 300% pallet wrap stretch.
Low profile version available.

The PowerWrapper™ 1100
New – Now Available!

Affordable and easy, high quality and high-volume pallet wrapping machine.

Do you wrap up to 200 pallets a day?

The PowerWrapper™ Robotic is for you.

This is a state-of-the-art, mobile pallet wrapping machine that is quickly becoming one of our bestsellers.

Our customers love the adaptability and ease of this battery powered, self-propelling pallet wrapper, as it’s so flexible and efficient.

Easily transportable throughout a warehouse or distribution centre, simply take the machine to the pallets where and when you need it.

The PowerWrapper Robotic can wrap up to 200 pallets on one battery charge, with pre-stretch pallet wrap film in any location.

It’s compact and clever design means that once the batteries are charged, there’s no trailing wires, and the machine can easily wrap any shape, size or weight of pallet.

Using an easy-to-use touch screen control, the PowerWrapper Robotic is now widely being used by operators in fulfilment and logistics centres across the UK.

Use with PowerWrap® 250% high performance machine stretch film 500mm x 3260m (PW100500)

  • Minimum pallet dimensions 600 x 600 mm

  • Maximum height (including pallet) 2m

  • 2 AGM batteries for up to 200 pallets per charge

  • 99 storable winding programs

  • Photocell for automatic height measurement

  • Film carriage speed control included

  • Film slide FM with mechanical brake
  • Film carriage FE with electromagnetic brake

  • Film slide PRS (Power Roller Stretch) for a pre-stretch of the foil of up to 300%

  • Slide slide PS (Power Stretch) for a pre-stretch of the film of up to 400%

  • Processing of pallet heights up to 3,500 mm

  • Manual / automatic stringing to reinforce the winding stretch film cutter

  • GMK compass – always stops the machine in the same position

Do you wrap up to 15 pallets a day?

The PowerWrapper50 is for you.

This is a semi-automatic machine, comprising our entry level model range

It’s ideal warehouse operations with a limited number of pallets to be wrapped.

If your operations are growing and you’re looking to move from hand wrapping pallets to machine wrapping, the PowerWrapper50 will meet your requirements.

For ease-of-use, the PW50 is supplied with one basic programme and has limited wrapping options. It has a mechanical brake type film carriage system and is suitable for wrapping approx. 15 pallets per day.

Use with PowerWrap® high performance machine stretch film 500mm x 3600m (PW100S)

  • Maximum pallet dimensions 1,200 x 800mm

  • Maximum pallet weight 1,500 kg

  • Maximum height (including pallet) 2,200mm

  • Turntable diameter 1,500mm

  • Turntable height 75mm

  • One selectable programme & parameters

  • Photocell for automatic height measurement

  • Film carriage speed control included

  • Film slide FM with mechanical brake
  • Processing pallets with max. Dimension 1,200 x 1,000 mm

  • Turntable version with cutaway for hand pallet truck

  • Manual stringing to reinforce the winding

  • Ramp for loading with hand pallet

Do you wrap up to 160 pallets a day?

The PowerWrapper300 is for you.

This semi-automatic machine is ideal for busy, demanding logistics operations.

Using the latest technology, the stretch wrapper is user-friendly, efficient and effective. It can handle most common Euro and industrial pallet sizes, a max weight of 2,000kg and pallet loads up to 2.2m high.

It’s motorised pre-stretch system can stretch your pallet wrap film by 300%, for maximum efficiency and load stability.

Low Profile version available
Each machine comes with a 1650mm turntable, and you can choose from a selection of lower profile ramps. Including an extra flat 25mm high turntable version, for hand pallet trucks.

Making loading easy, quick and suitable for your workplace.

Use with PowerWrap® 300% high performance machine stretch film 500mm x 2720m (PW120500)

  • Maximum pallet dimensions 1,200 x 800 mm

  • Maximum pallet weight 2,000 kg

  • Maximum height (including pallet) 2,200 mm

  • Turntable diameter 1,500 mm

  • Turntable height 75 mm

  • 3 storable winding programs

  • Photo cell for automatic height measurement

  • Film slide speed control included

  • Film carriage FM with mechanical brake
  • Film slide FE with electromagnetic brake

  • Processing pallets with dimensions up to 1675 x 1675mm

  • Processing pallets with a maximum weight of 3,000 kg

  • Processing of pallet heights up to 3700mm

  • Ramp for loading with hand pallet truck / electric ant

  • Turntable design TP with insertion pockets for hand pallet truck

  • Underframe (15 cm) for loading with E-Ant / forklift

  • Manual / automatic line formation to strengthen the winding foil cutting unit

  • Integrated weighing system

Do you wrap over 320 pallets a day?

The PowerWrapper1100 is NOW AVAILABLE for you.

Engineered with the very latest technology, we’ll soon be introducing this machine to our range.

Designed as high quality, high volume semi-automatic pallet wrapper, this machine has the capability to wrap 20-40 pallets per hour.

Affordable and easy to operate, the PowerWrapper1100 will enable more companies to start using pallet wrapping machines more easily and effectively.

Plus, with it’s patented lower noise turntable, the machine makes for an improved working environment.

Use with PowerWrap® 300% high performance machine stretch film 500mm x 2720m (PW120500)

  • Wrap efficiency of 20-40 pallets per hour

  • Wrap size (500-1200)mm X (500-1100)mm

  • Wrap height (max) 2400mm

  • Film carriage power pore-stretch system up to 250% with adjustable speed

  • Machine size 2460 x 1650 x 2700mm

  • Turntable diameter 1650mm

  • Turntable rotary speed 0-12rpm adjustable

  • Turntable height 78mm

  • Turntable weight capacity (max) 2000kg

  • Total machine weight 450kg
  • Ramp to turntable

  • Top plate


Coming Soon!

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Customer Case Study

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