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The LockedAir® range makes more environmental sense


100% Recyclable

Ultra-Thin Puncture
Resistant Films

Low Energy, Small
Footprint Machines

Less Packaging
Material than
Bubble Wrap

Low Impact
Packaging Option

LockedAir® Air
Pillows are 98% air

About the LockedAir® Range

Combining the latest clever technology with outstanding product quality and innovation, LockedAir® will make your packaging process easier and more efficient.

A range of inflatable packaging machines and films, the LockedAir® technology inflates and seals air pillows or cushions on demand, allowing you to wrap them around your products for impact protection, or to block and brace within a box, to ensure the product is secure and immobile.

Trusted in online order fulfilment operations globally, LockedAir® machines, air cushions and air pillows help solve packaging challenges through every stage of the journey, from factory floor to customer and end user.

LockedAir® machines use a range of films that inflate to provide air cushions and air pillows, and are designed so that you can create your own versatile and cost efficient packaging, freeing your business from storing bulky bubble wrap or big boxes of loose fill in your workplace.

All machines come with a complimentary wearing parts replacement service

(subject to standard terms and conditions).

The LockedAir® Machine range

LockedAir Cushioned Packing System

LockedAir® Starter Class

  • Produces Air Pillows and/or Air Cushions
  • Robust, ergonomic and easy to use
  • 8m/min bubble output, up to 800 parcels a day per machine.
  • A versatile and smart choice for any business needing a flexible and high-performing product
  • Ideal for space-conscious packing areas
  • High-volume machines with a small footprint
LockedAir Cushioned Packing System

LockedAir® Business Class

  • High speed industrial machines, producing either Air Pillows or Air Cushions
  • Fast, efficient and easy to use
  • up to 28m/min bubble output
  • Designed specifically for demanding fulfilment operations
  • Ideal for larger warehouses and e-commerce distribution centres
  • Can be used as part of a packing / hopper feed system

The LockedAir® Film Range

LockedAir Cushioned Packing

LockedAir® Pillow Film

Inflated pillows enable you to block, brace and fill round a product keeping it suspended with a strong protective layer to prevent movement in transit. Available in a degradable version.

LockedAir Cushioned Packing Roll

LockedAir® Cushion Film

Similar to bubble wrap, cushion film is designed for maximum mould-ability, providing excellent knock and impact protection. available in both nylon and degradable options

LockedAir Protective Packaging

LockedAir® Twin Pillow Film

With two Air Pillows per section, this versatile format can be used to easily fit within corners or ‘hinged’ over the product for complete protection.

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Customer Case Study

“We have been using LockedAir now for several years. It is without doubt the best packing material we have ever had.” International Ecommerce Retailer

Customer Case Study

“LockedAir is saving us 2.5 hours a day. Plus, its clean, dust-free and easier to recycle.” National Machinery Distributor

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