The eco-friendly paper alternative to bubble wrap.

HexaWrap® makes more environmental sense



Alternative to Plastic

Easy to use

With no need for plastic tape, you can expect 25-50% faster packing

Save on Storage and Cost

1 Roll of paper equals
5 Rolls of bubble wrap

Enhance Customer

Plus it's kerbside recyclable...

HexaWrap® Eco-Friendly Packaging.

HexaWrap® Eco Paper Wrapping - A Bubblewrap Alternative

The perfect combination of flexibility and presentation in a protective wrapping system, our 100% recyclable HexaWrap® packing system is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to bubble wrap. The hexagon cells interlock together to firmly secure a wide range of products and due to its unique design, it does not require tape or glue.

HexaWrap® is ideal for wrapping a wide range of products such as gifts, retail, cosmetics, ceramics, homeware, confectionery and much more. It can be used as a standalone paper wrap, or with tissue paper. Its expandable honeycomb structure is perfect for customer experience and are sure to protect products. It is available in both Kraft and white options.

Perfectly mouldable around products, it can be used for individual items or bundles, by wrapping and rolling them as you go with the dispensed HexaWrap® paper. Due to its flexibility, it can be used for awkwardly shaped products and twisted and wound into any direction to protect handles, sharp and irregular edges and much more. Fast and easy to pack, not only does it reduce pack time, but it also reduces breakages.

No Tape Required - Use Even Less Plastic!

With it’s unique hexagonal or honeycomb style, as you wrap and twist the paper around the product, the hexagonal cells interlock and secure the paper in place.

This eliminates the need for any additional tape to make it secure – therefore making it even more eco-friendly, as there’s no plastic tape to separate from the paper and it can all go in your kerbside recycling, or even better, can be reused! 

Plus, by not having to use tape on the packaging, you can wrap and pack even faster – one less thing to do!

The HexaWrap® Dispenser

HexaWrap® Eco Wrapping Honeycomb Paper Roll
  • The space-saving design enables mobility on the packing bench

  • Up to 50% less time taken to pack 

  • No plastic tape required.
  • Eco-friendly – Use less void fill materials 

  • Product Friendly –The paper lies at an obtuse angle to the product and will not scratch products.

  • Versatility – Can be rolled up and used to block/brace as well as a wrap or can be used with other paper systems.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1-4 Rolls 5-9 Rolls 10+ Rolls Qty (Packs)
LW-P80 Hex HexaWrap® Eco Wrapping Paper Roll 500mm x 250M Each Kraft £37.20 £37.20 £32.00 £32.00 £27.90 £27.90
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Code Description Size Pack Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1 Unit 2-4 Units 5+ Units Qty (Packs)
LW-H1S HexaWrap® Dispenser 500mm 20" Each Black £99.00 £99.00 £90.00 £90.00 £85.00 £85.00

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