We stand with Ukraine. We are donating packaging to support getting humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people.

We do not source or buy products from Russia or Belarus. Find out more.

Wrap more with less.
Effective and protective paper void fill.
The ergonomic way of pallet strapping.
Pack and protect with on-demand air cushions & pillows.
holds the load tighter, but with less wrapping effort.
Save time and effort. And your back.

How can we help you?

We’re proud to say that we’re not after a quick sale, a one-off order, or a fleeting visit…we’re all about partnerships and working together.

We’re a team of packaging professionals. And part of your team.


One size does not fit all. Whether it be cartons, wrapping or packaging machines.

And that’s good. And that’s why we ask questions.

We’ve been packaging for over 40 years, and our team of technicians, buyers, logisticians, designers, sales and customer service agents will ensure the right packaging fit for you.

Our service includes a free on-site packaging audit where your methods are analysed. Best practice processes, materials and machinery will then be proposed, to help you reduce costs and increase productivity.


We’ll always try to go the extra mile for you. We know that packaging keeps the cogs of your business turning.

We make daily deliveries throughout the South West and South Wales on our own vehicles. We know where your delivery is, and we’ll let you know when it’ll be with you.

We don’t charge for delivery of orders over £100, and you can order by 4pm for next day delivery…making it easy to do business!


We’re ready when you need us. We have over 100,000 sq ft of warehousing and possibly the highest stockholding of packaging materials in the region.

Or leave your stock management in our hands. We’ll hold up to three months stock of bespoke packaging for you, or ask us about our vendor managed inventory solution.


It all starts with an idea. For a package shape, product fit, process change, brand print or just a blue sky thought!

We can help shape your concept from development through to testing, printing and samples. For a fresh look at packaging, just ask.



Commercial &
Ergonomic Benefits


Need products to increase efficiency at your distribution site?

Look no further.

Use Next-Gen film to reduce the amount of plastic by 50%.

If you strap pallets in your business, we can help.

Pallet wrap with built-in ‘Elastic memory’ technology.

Save time and effort. And your back.

Are you looking for eCommerce solutions?

We have these all wrapped up.

e-tape | Our most popular packaging tape.

TheBoxer™ | Effective and protective paper void fill.

Pack and protect with on-demand air cushions & pillows.

Efficient. Safe. Environmental.

Turn your waste into voidfill.

Paper alternative to bubblewrap

Need something quickly?

Speak to our team. We offer Nationwide next-day delivery for those time-sensitive orders.

For Elliot...

it's not just delivering to the nation.
It's feeling like a Wessex superhero, delivering 80,000 postal bags
to a global e-commerce company.

Now that's something to write home about.
For Maria...

it's not just answering
the phone.
It's speaking to a customer as a friend,
knowing that she's there to help.

Now that's customer service worth talking about.
For Glen...

it's not just a wide range
of packaging solutions.
It's that 4.30am start to deliver productivity on the production line.

Now that's thinking of the customer first.

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