Rolling out TheBoxer®…our eco-friendly packing paper

Our eco-friendly packing paper, TheBoxer®, is now available on a wall-mounted dispenser.

Helping businesses reduce the amount of single use plastic bubble wrap and polystyrene loose fill they use, TheBoxer® is 450m of eco-friendly recycled and recyclable commercial grade packing paper.

TheBoxer® is already available in box format that’s easy to move around a factory or workshop, but now the roller dispenser can be wall-mounted above packing stations to help operators with the fulfilment process.

Using TheBoxer® is not only more eco-friendly by being paper, but also saves the amount of resource and space needed to transport and store big rolls of bubble wrap and bulky bags of loose fill.

  TheBoxer® eco-friendly recycled packing paper

Special Offer : Receive a FREE dispenser worth £199 with every pallet order (60 boxes) of TheBoxer®.

Contact us for further details and a no-obligation trial : 01935 474 217 and

TheBoxer® recycled eco-friendly packing paper dispenser offer


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