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Product information

Kraft paper is strong brown wrapping paper that's ideal for wrapping, interleaving, packaging and void fill packing.

Our range includes:

  • Pure Ribbed Kraft Paper Rolls - these are made from virgin fibres and ribbed for extra tear resistance
  • Imitation Kraft Paper Rolls - produced from 100% recycled fibres, this brown paper makes an excellent economical wrapping material.
  • Pure Kraft Paper Sheets - pure Kraft wrapping paper cut into standard sheet sizes
  • Imitation Kraft Paper Sheets - 100% recycled Kraft paper sheets
  • Waxed Kraft Paper Rolls - waterproof brown wrapping paper with a waxed coating, ideal for export packing or automotive products. Protects from dirt, oil, grease and moisture.
  • Waterproof Kraft Union Paper Rolls - very strong brown wrapping paper made from two layers of Kraft paper and bonded with bitumen. Waterproof and suitable for lining packing crates as well as other heavy duty applications.


Code Size GSM    
KPO1528 400mm x 550m 39    
KPO1530 450mm x 285m 70    
KPO1531 500mm x 285m 70    
KPO1532 600mm x 285m 70    
KPO1533 750mm x 285m 70    
KPO1534 900mm x 285m 70    
KPO1534A 900mm x 225m 88    
KPO1535 1150mm x 285m 70    
KPO1539 1200mm x 225m 88    
KPO1536 1500mm x 225m 88    
KPO1537 1800mm x 225m 88    
Code Size GSM    
IKPO1543 500mm x 225m 88    
IKPO1544 600mm x 190m 88    
IKPO1545 900mm x 190m 88    
IKPO1546 1000mm x 190m 88    
Code Size GSM Type Pack Qty
PRK015 900 x 1150mm 70 Pure 240
PRK016 900 x 1150mm 88 Pure 240
PRK017 1000 x 1250mm 88 Pure 125
IKO19 1150 x 1400mm 88 Pure 125
IKO18 900 x 1150mm 65 Imit 240
IKO20 900 x 1150mm 88 Imit 240
PRK018 280 x 310mm 88 Imit 500
Code Size GSM Pack Qty  
WK01550 900mm x 100m 55 2  
WK01550DS 900mm x 100m 55 1  
Code Size GSM    
KU01549 900mm x 100m 120    
KUO1549DS 900mm x 100m 120    

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Product information

Counter roll holders are used in busy packing areas to make the process easier and tidier. Freestanding or wall mounted, they are a valuable addition to any post or packing room.

They enable wrapping papers to be dispensed cleanly and neatly.

Available in four sizes up to 1000mm wide.

Code To fit max roll size
CRH/500 500mm
CRW600 600mm
CRW800 800mm
CRW1000 1000mm


Contact Wessex Packaging for wrapping paper & counter wall holders on 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

Defence Standard Kraft Union Paper Rolls

For when you need the precise specification, this Kraft Union Paper is manufactured to Defence Standard 81-48 Certiificate of Conformity.

  • 900mm x 100m. 120gsm. Code KU01549DS


VCI Paper Rolls (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) 

This anti-corrosive rust paper is use for protecting automotive parts and other metal items during shipment.

Code Size GSM
VCI0165 900mm x 200m 55
R970 1000mm x 200m 45


Mouldable Wrap Rolls

This is a grease and water resistant mouldable wrapping material. Manufactured to Defence Standard 81-129 Certificate of Conformity.

  • 1000mm x 100m, 150gsm. Code MW1DS


Everything packaging. That's what we do. Wessex Packaging 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.luik

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Product information

For the office & home, we can help.

Copier paper for the everyday printing, through to tissue paper for crafts, gifts or just wrapping something delicate.


Copier printer paper is available in A4 for laser or ink jet printers. 500 sheets per pack. 80gsm. Code A4R.

 Crepe paper rolls made from stretchabloe Kraft paper is available for wrapping awkward shaped items. 80mm x 20m rolls. 60 pack quantity. Code CPO1555.

White cap tissue paper sheets - for general packaging and wrapping.

  • 450 x 700mm. 17gsm. 480 pack quantity. White CAP quality. Code TCAA111
  • 500 x 750mm. 17gsm. 480 pack quantity. Pure WHite quality. Code TCAP121


Coloured tissue paper- add a little colour into your packaging with our tissue paper!

Available in white, blue, black, green, cerise and many more, all our tissue papers are premium grade and 17gsm.

Pack quantities 480 sheets. Order codes: Blue (TBLU051); Black (TBLA051); Green (TGRE051): and Cerise (TCER051).


Greaseproof paper sheets - suitable for food use.

  • 450 x 700mm. 34gsm. 480 pack quantity. Pure. Code GUNB075
  • 450 x 700mm. 26gsm. 480 pack quantity. Imitation. Code GDRY080


White news offcuts

Strong paper sheets for food and general warpping. Ideal for a variety of packaging applications including house removals, void filling, interleaving and surface protection.

  • 500 x 750mm. 10kg pack size. Code WN0175


Call for a packaging quote on 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

EcoStak Sheets

These are low slip solid board sheets, suitable as pallet liners and interleaving between layers.

Code Type Size Thickness Pallet Qty Unit
ES100 Greyboard 1150 x 750mm 450mic/300gsm 2000 1000
ES200 Greyboard 1150 x 950mm 450mic/300gsm 2000 1000
ES300 Greyboard 1220 x 2440mm 450mic 1000 1000
ES947 Testliner 1010 x 947mm 250gsm 3500 EACH
ES1040 Testliner 720 x 1040mm 250gsm 3500 1000
ES2000 Greyboard 1000 x 2000mm 500mic 1667 1000
ES2550 Greyboard 1250 x 2550mm 500mic 1067 1000

Everything packaging. That's what we do. Call Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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