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Product information

Ideal for keeping tools, parts and components organised.

Choose from our range of economy and four level workstations for your business.

Economy workstation has:

  • Two chipboard shelves 300kg UDL
  • Standard 900mm height allows for standing and seating working.

Product details:

  • Medium 900 x 1400 x 600mm (code WHR111)
  • Large 900 x 1800 x 600mm (code WHR112)


Four level industrial workstation has two lower levels (300kg UDL) and two upper shelves (100kg UDL).

Product details:

  • Medium 1400 x 1400 x 600mm (code WHR101)
  • Large 1800 x 1800 x 600mm (code WHR102)


Packing benches

Our range of utility packing benches are available in a choice of 2 popular sizes (300Kg UDL):

  • Medium. 1500 x 1200 x 759mm. Code WHR091
  • Large. 1500 x 1800 x 750mm. Code WHR092

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Product information

Organise, store and keep your workplace tidy with our metal shelving range and strong plastic part bins.

Part Bins :  Wessex Packaging's range of very strong plastic stackable part bins is available in a choice of red and blue, in a variety of 10 sizes.

K-Bins : single wall corrugated cardboard bins are ideal for storing small components and tools in the workshop. Available in 12 sizes.

Donwload the catalogue pages for full specifications.


Economy Metal Shelving

This boltless five level metal shelving is available in three different depths; that's ideal for use in the office, warehouse or stores. Suitable for 175Kg UDL (Uniform Distributed Load).

  • 1780 x 900 x 300mm. Code WHR001
  • 1780 x 900 x 450mm. Code WHR002
  • 1780 x 900 x 600mm. Code WHR008
  • Set of 6 bay connectors. Code WHR008

Industrial Duty Metal Shelving

This range of heavy duty metal shelving has five levels and is suitablke for a 265Kg UDL.

  • 1780 x 900 x300mm. Code WHR021
  • 1780 x 900 x 450mm. Code WHR022
  • 1780 x 900 x 600mm. Code WHR023

Storage Bay and Bin Sets

Strong metal five level storage bays complete with plastic bins are ideal for small parts storage and in four specifications:

  • 1780 x 900 x 300mm. 64 bins. Code WHR051
  • 1780 x 900 x 450mm. 32 bins. Code WHR052
  • 1780 x 900 x 300mm. 40 bins. Code WHR053
  • 100 x 900 x 450mm. 20 bins. Code WHR054

Shelving Kits with Large Bins

This metal shelving system is complete with large plastic bins, available in seven sizes.

  • 1780 x 900 x 450mm. 32 bins. Coide WHR062
  • 1780 x 1200 x 450mm. 21 bins. Code WHR063
  • 1780 x 900 x 300mm. 40 bins. Code WHR064
  • 1780 x 900 x 450mm. 28 bins. Code WHR065
  • 1780 x 900 x 450mm. 21 bins. Code WHR066
  • 1780 x 1200 x450mm. 12 bins. Code WHR067
  • 1780 x 900 x 600mm. 8 bins. Code WHR068

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Product information

Know what you're packing & sending with our range of weighing scales.

Available as platform, column or bench scales, they will help you get a measured view.


Platform Scales : Solid and reliable with heavy duty levelling feet. For use in all warehouse and factory areas.

  • 1200 x 1200mm. 3000Kg capacity. 100Kg graduation. Code EX7511

Column Scales : General purpose scale with applications in warehouses, factories and for produce weighing.

  • 400 x 400mm. 60Kg capacity. Code EX8060

Bench Scales : This robust scale is ideal for weighing small packets, parcels and boxes.

  • 310 x 310mm. 15Kg capacity. Code EX7447

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