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Product information

e-tape is our most popular packaging tape and is a must-have for any postal, packing, factory & workshop.

e-tape is PP tape with very strong adhesive, with long 150m length rolls that allows you to package products and good easily, with less waste, storage and roll changes.

We like to think, and many of our customers agree, that e-tape is one of the best packing tapes available in the world! 

e-tape dispensers and 150m tape rolls

The unique smaller 50mm core size (compared to 76mm standard core size) means that each e-tape roll has 150m of tape, compared to just 66m on a conventional roll.

Plus with our ergonomic and easy-to-use tape gun, e-tape is the perfect packing tape solution.


e-tape No. 1 (Solvent)

e-tape 1 : Heavy duty packaging tape

  • High performance tape with strong adhesive
  • Works in environments from -20° to +50°C
  • Very strong grab, for when extra adhesion is needed
  • Will work in dirty conditions
Code Size Pack Qty Colour Grade
ET50CSO 48mm x 150m 36 Clear Solvent
ET50BSO 48mm x 150m 36 Buff Solvent
ET50WSO 48mm x 150m 36 White Solvent


e-tape No 2 (Hotmelt)

e-tape 2 : General purpose tape

  • Good performance everyday tape
  • Fast initial grab with long term bond up to 12 months
  • Use in temperatures from +5°C, not suitable for outside or freezer conditions
  • Will not absorb ink from a thermal transfer label
Code Size Pack Qty Colour Grade
ET50CHM 48mm x 150m 36 Clear Hot Melt
ET50BHM 48mm x 150m 36 Buff Hot Melt


e-tape Plus (Acrylic)

e-tape plus : Economy grade tape

  • Very cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Works best in +15° to +65°C
  • Excellent initial grab and ideal for shorter term storage
Code Size Packed Colour Grade
ET50CAC 48mm x 150m 36 Clear Acrylic
ET50BAC 48mm x 150m 36 Buff Acrylic
ET70BAC 70mm  x 100m 24 Buff Acrylic
ET70CAC 70mm  x 100m 24 Clear Acrylic


Fragile printed e-tape

e-tape printed warning tape

e-tape is available with stock printed texts of Fragile, Caution and Security Seal. We can also bespoke print with your name, web address or any specific message.

  • Size 48mm x 150m. White. Text FRAGILE. Pack quantity 36. Code ET50FR
  • Size 48mm x 150m. White. Text CAUTION. Pack quantity 36. Code ET50CA
  • Size 48mm x 150m. White. Text SECURITY SEAL. Pack quantity 36. Code ET50SS


e-tape gun and box

e-tape dispensers

Strong and durable ergonomic packaging tape dispensers for increased operator efficiency. Tape dispensers ETD and ETD75 have a fully retractable blade for improved safety.

The e-tape guns are superbly designed and excellent to use - making your packing life easier.

Code Description Tape Core Size
ETD E-Tape Dispenser 50mm
ETD75 E-Tape Dispenser 75mm Width 75mm
ETDLW E-Tape Dispenser Lightweight 50mm


e-tape gun benefits

Order all your packaging tape and packaging tape dispensers from Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk.

Ask Wessex Packaging for advice and quotes on all types of packaging tape.


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Product information

ZEROTAPE is the first tape dispenser that has the packer in mind.

ZEROTAPE has been technologically designed to take the strain out of the packing process. It helps reduce muscle and joint strain, and improve comfort.

ZEROTAPE's ergonomic design reduced the wrist angle from 30° to 0°, and the ventilated handle ensure that there's more comfort in the handling of the tape gun.

And easy loading core and a weight that's 25% lighter than many other dispensers means ZEROTAPE can increase productivity, improve efficiency and help make happier packers.

ZEROTAPE is available in a 160m length, 48mm width, roll in clear or buff.



Wessex Packaging for all your packing tape requirements. Call 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

For people who use packing tape everyday, or are in a shared environment, then low noise packing tape is the answer.

Save yourself the annoyance of noisy, loud tape going through a dispenser, with our low noise tape - it makes sense!


Coreless low noise tape dispenser:

This lightweight, coreless tape dispenser is suitable for a wide variety of sizes and uses. Order code no PD719.


Low noise tape:

This is silent release packaging tape for noiseless application:

Code Size Packed Colour
02071 48mm x 66m 36 Buff
02072 48mm x 66m 36 Clear
020732 75mm x 132m 24 Clear


For all your packing tape. Call Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217

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Product information

Polypropylene tape is strong, good quality and highly effective tape, helping you make your packing process easier and more efficient.

PP tape is available for use by hand or in a dispenser, with machine tapes also available for use in automatic case taping machines. 

Wessex Packaging's PP tape range is extensive and we can supply in a variety of colours, sizes and pack quantities.

Code Size Colour Pack Qty  Grade
02060 48mm x 66m Buff 36 Hot Melt
02061 48mm x 66m Clear 36 Hot Melt
020601 48mm x 132m Buff 36 Acrylic
020602 48mm x 132m Clear 36 Acrylic
02069 75mm x 66m Buff 24 Acrylic
02070 75mm x 66m Clear 24 Acrylic
020702 72mm x 132m Clear 24 Acrylic
02066 38mm x 66m Clear 48 Acrylic
PA106C 48mm x 66m Clear 36 Acrylic
PA106B 48mm x 66m Buff 36 Acrylic
PAKIT990C 48mm x 990m Clear 6 Acrylic
ACS48B 48mm x 66m Buff 36 ASCOL
ACS48C 48mm x 66m Clear 36 ASCOL
ACS990B 48mm x 990m Buff 6 ASCOL
ACS990C 48mm x 990m Clear 6 ASCOL

Machine Length Options:

Code Size Colour Grade Pack Qty
02086 38mm x 990m Clear Hot Melt 8
02084 48mm x 990m Clear Hot Melt 6
02083 48mm x 990m Buff Hot Melt 6
02084WH 48mm x 990m White Hot Melt 6
02085 48mm x 1500m Clear Hot Melt 6
02082 75mm x 990m Clear Hot Melt 4
02081 48mm x 990m Clear Solvent 6
02084YE 48mm x 990m Yellow Hot Melt 6
02084RE 48mm x 990m Red Hot Melt 6


Call us for PP tape details and to request a quote on 01935 474 217 or email sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

Having the right tape for the job at the right time is key to keeping your business moving.

We have one of the widest ranges of packing tapes available for use in the office, workshop or factory, and can help advise on what'll work best for you.

PVC Standard Tapes:

Code Size Packed Colour
02051 25mm x 66m 72 Clear
02054 48mm x 66m 36 Buff
02055 48mm x 66m 36 Clear
02058 48mm x 66m 36 White
02056 75mm x 66m 24 Buff
02057 75mm x 66m 24 Clear

PVC Coloured Tapes:

Code Size Colour Pack Qty
02045W 9mm x 66m White 192
02045BL 9mm x 66m Blue 192
02046R 12mm x 66m Red 144
02049YE 50mm x 66m Yellow 36
02049BL 50mm x 66m Blue 36
02049G 50mm x 66m Green 36
02049R 50mm x 66m Red 36

Cellulose Tapes:

Code Size Colour Pack Qty
CEL12 12mm x 66m Clear 144
CEL19 19mm x 66m Clear 96
CEL25 25mm x 66m Clear 72
CEL38 38mm x 66m Clear 48

Stationary Tapes:

Code Size Colour Pack Qty
02062 12mm x 66m Clear 144
02063 18mmx66m Clear 96
02064 25mm x 66m Clear 72


Everything packaging. That's what we do. Wessex Packaging. 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk 

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Product information

As part of our tape portfolio, we have a wide range of printed, warning and hazard tapes...but can also provide any bespoke order you require.

Whether you're Fragile or needing Handled With Care, Hazard, Caution, or just floor marking tape - call us today for sizes, specs and quotes.

Code Size Print Grade Pack Qty
02118P 50mm x 66m FRAGILE Low Noise 36
02119P 50mm x 66m FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE Low Noise 36
02120P 50mm x 66m GLASS, HANDLE WITH CARE Polypropylene 36
02126P 50mm x 66m QUARANTINE Polypropylene 36
0212REJ 50mm x 66m REJECT Polypropylene 36
02121P 50mm x 66m THIS WAY UP Polypropylene 36
02125P 50mm x 66m Q.C. HOLD Polypropylene 36
02122P 50mm x 66m CAUTION Low Noise 36
02124P 50mm x 66m Q.C. INSPECTED Polypropylene 36



Call Wesex Packaging for printed tapes on 01935 474 217 or email sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

Speak to us about Printed Warning & Hazard Tapes

Product information

Packing tape dispensers make life easier in any commercial situation.

Give us a call today and we can help advise what's best for your workplace, and provide a quote for both dispensers and tapes.


e-tape dispensers

These strong and durable ergonomic dispensers provide easy operation and ican help increase efficiency. Our rnage includes dispensers with fully retractable blades for improved safety.


Coreless low noise tape dispenser - this is lightweight, easy to operate and fits a wide variety of core sizes.


Standard tape dispensers are also available for 3" core sizes.


Carton sealing machine

Excelllent for large batches of standard size cartons, the EXC103SD machine will improve the appearance of your product and reduce the amount of packaging tape required.


Code Description Tape Size
H11CP 50mm standard tape dispenser 50mm
H75 75mm standard tape dispenser 75mm
ETD E-Tape Dispenser 50mm
ETD75 E-Tape Dispenser 75mm Width 75mm
ETDLW E-Tape Dispenser Lightweight 50mm
BON505 Silent bonus tape dispenser 50mm
PD719 Coreless low noise tape dispenser 50mm
PD331 Desk top dispenser 25mm
PD332 Desk top dispenser 50mm
E3 Bag neck sealer 9&12mm
PD105R Reinforced Tape Dispenser 50mm
GTD Gummed tape dispenser 48mm
BP333 Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser  
ATG Transfer tape dispenser 12mm
EXC103SD Semi Automatic Case Taper Side Drive


Ask Wessex Packaging about packing tape dispensers. Call us on 01935 474 217  or email sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

Double sided tapes are a really useful part of the packing toolkit, and are ideal for when you need packing that is neat and secure, or just to stick something without being visible.


Double sided fingerlift tape.

A double sided tape with wider backing for easy exposure of the adhesive surface. Tissue carrier for easy tear properties.

Code Size Pack Qty
R610FL6 6/12mm x 50m 60
R610FL12 12/18mm x 50m 60
R601FL18 18/24mm x 50m 30
EX5140 24/30mm x 50m 25

Double sided tape:

Code Size Pack Qty
R6106 6mm x 50m 192
R61012 12mm x 50m 96
R61019 19mm x 50m 72
R61025 25mm x 50m 48
R61050 50mm x 50m 24


Code Size Pack Qty
02110 12mm x 50m 72
02111 19mm x 50m 48
02112 25mm x 50m 36
02113 48mm x 50m 18
02114 75mm x 50m 12


Code Size Colour Pack Qty
02090 50mm x 50m Silver 24
02091 50mm x 50m Black 24
02092 50mm x 50m White 24
6010SL 100mm x 50m Silver 12


Call Wessex Packaging for double sided tape on 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

Gummed paper tape is ideal for ecommerce solutions and general packing when security, strength and tamper evidence is needed.


Our range of gummed paper tape rolls, for use with a gummed tape dispenser which moistens and activates the adhesive, is high quality and highly effective.

Once the tape is applied, it is tamperproof and provides a strong permanent seal.

Code Size Colour Grade Pack Qty
AWH1748 48mm x 200m White   24
02104 48mm x 200m Brown 70gsm Kraft G.S.I. 28
02105 70mm x 200m Brown 70gsm Kraft G.S.I. 20
02107 96mm x 200m Brown 85gsm Kraft G.S.I. 12
02109HD 70mm x 152m Brown Heavy Duty Reinforced 20


Reinforced gummed paper tape.

The crossweave filaments make this gummed paper tapetearabel and is ideal for export packing.

  • Brown. 70mm x 152m. Pack quantity 20. Heavy Duty Reinforced. Code 02109HD


Gummed paper tape dispensers

Choose from a manual dispenser with water trough, where the operator pulls and tears the tape by hand. Code GTD

Or, a lever operated dispenser, where the operator pre-sets the length required. For use with standard or reinforced gummed tape. Code BP333

Conatct Wessex Packaging for all your gummed paper tape requirements.

Wessex Packaging 01935 474 217 and sales@wessexpkg.co.uk


Speak to us about Gummed Paper Tape

Product information

We carry a range of tapes with MOD Defence Standard Release Certification.

These include the following MOD Defence Standard Carton Sealing Tapes:

Code Size Colour Pack Qty Grade
736/50 50mmx50m Buff  36 H/Duty PVC
371/25 25mmx66m Clear 72 Hot Melt
371/48 50mmx66m Clear 36 Hot Melt
371/50 50mmx66m Clear 36 Polypropylene
371/75 75mmx66m Clear 24 Hot Melt
AT142/50 50mmx50m White 24 Cotton Cloth
AT180/50 50mmx50m Black 24 Cloth Tape
AT738 38mm x 33m White   Insulation Tape


For MOD Defence Standard tape, contact Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217.

Speak to us about MOD Defence Standard Tape

Product information

Masking tapes are ideal for crafting, masking when painting, packaging, crafting uses and general packing purposes.

Maxtape general purpose masking tape is suitable for most surfaces, with hot melt adhesive:

Code Size Pack Qty
02016 19mm x 50m 96
02097 25mm x 50m 72
02098 38mm x 50m 48
02099 48mm x 50m 36
02100 75mm x 50m 24

Scotch 2120 general purpose masking tape is a high quality tapoe with solvent rubber adhesive:

Code Size Pack Qty
123M22 12mm x 50m 72
193M22 19mm x 50m 48
253M22 25mm x 50m 36
383M22 38mm x 50m 24
503M22 50mm x 50m 20
753M22 75mm x 50m 12

Scotch 2321 masking tape is a heavy duty tape suitable for use in low bake applications at up to 80 degrees Celsius for one hour:

Code Size Pack Qty
253M23 25mm x 50m 36
503M23 50mm x 50m 24


Contact Wessex Packaging for masking tape. Call 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

EcoTape is a great choice for an eco-friendly packaging approach.

As an alternative to plastic tapes, EcoTape is a self adhesive paper tape that is 100% recyclable.

EcoTape can be used with standard tape dispensers.

Code Size Colour Pack Qty
ECO25 25mm x 50m Brown 72
ECO50 50mm x 50m Brown 36



EcoTape eco-friendly self adhesive paper tape

Speak to us about EcoTape

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