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Why buy new packaging when you have old cardboard boxes?

We're delighted to offer this incredible cardboard shredding and packaging machine - to help you recycle your waste cardboard and reuse it as flexible packaging.

Wessex Packaging's cardboard shredder makes recycled flexible matting packaging material.

We've partnered with HSM® on this table top machine that enables you to turn used cardboard into high-quality universal packaging material, easily and efficiently.

Ideal for the workshop, factory or e-commerce fulfilment centre, the ProfiPack C400 machine can take sheets of cardboard from broken down cardboard boxes and turn them into a flexible padding that can be used to fill void spaces, wrap around products or as protective layers.

Ask Wessex Packaging about an on-site demo of this cardboard shredder : call us on 01935 474 217

 Wessex Packaging's cardboard shredder that makes flaxible recycled matting for packaging

The ProfiPack C400 machine can cut and perforate in one process, saving you time, whilst creating a very flexible and ingenious matting material.

The benefits of this machine include:

  • High quality materials and "Made in Germany" quality for safety and durability.
  • Cutting rollers made from hardened solid steel.
  • Powerful drive allows continuous operation.
  • Adjustable cushioning volume of the packaging material.
  • Infinitely adjustable working width with measurement scale for packaging material made to measure.
  • Intuitive operation with LED indicators on robust keypad.
  • The integrated turbo-function resolves blockages.
  • Recessed handle so the machine can be easily lifted.
  • Non-slip stand.

 Cardboard shredding machine that creates flexible cardboard matting packaging.


  • 415mm intake width
  • 10mm infeed / loading height
  • 1 layer cutting capacity
  • 185mm/s cutting speed
  • 59 dB(A) noise level (idle operation)
  • 1.2 KW driving power
  • 230v voltage / 50Hz frequency
  • 610mm W x 395mm D x 375mm H
  • 47kg weight

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Use Wessex Packaging's HSM cardboard shredder to create flexible cardboard matting packaging material.


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A range of inflatable packaging machines and films, the LockedAir® technology inflates and seals air pillows or cushions on demand.

LockedAir® allows you to wrap the air pillows or cushions around your products for impact protection, or to block and brace within a box, to ensure the product is secure and immobile.

Combining the latest clever technology with outstanding product quality and innovation, LockedAir® will make your packaging process easier and more efficient.

Need an easier e-commerce fulfilment packaging option? Contact us for a free on-site demo: 01935 474 217 or

Locked Air void fill ecommerce packaging supplies

Plus, packaging with LockedAir® makes more environmental sense.

  • LockedAir® Air Pillows are 98% air, a definite low impact packaging option
  • 100% reusable
  • 100% recyclable HDPE film
  • Ultra-thin films (35% less than standard formats)
  • Use significantly less packaging material than bubble wrap etc
  • High strength puncture-resistant films
  • Low energy, small footprint machines

The LockedAir® machine range:

  • LockedAir® Starter Class
    • Produces Air Pillows and/or Air Cushions
    • Robust, ergonomic and easy to use
    • A versatile and smart choice for any business needing a flaxible and high-performing product
    • Ideal for space-conscious packing areas
    • A high-volume machines with a small footprint
    • The most popular LockedAir® machine
    • LockedAir® Starter Class (LASC)
  • LockedAir® Business Class
    • High speed industrial machines, producing either Air Pillows or Air Cushions
    • Fast, efficient and easy to use
    • Designed specifically for demanding fulfilment operations
    • Ideal of larger warehouses and e-commerce distribution centres
    • Can be used as part of a packing / hopper feed system
    • LockedAir® Business Class machines (LABC-P and LABC-C)

All machines come with a complimentary wearing parts replacement service (subject to standard terms and conditions).

For details of the LockedAir® inflatable film types and more information visit our LockedAir® : Clever Solutions page.

 Locked Air air void fill packaging machine and films

Speak to us about LockedAir® Air Void Fill Packaging Systems

Product information

We're delighted to partner with Storopack to offer you the very best in paper cushioning packaging systems.

Storopack offers a variety of paper cushioning systems that produce just the right packaging materials for every requirement and can be used individually or integrated into existing packaging processes.

Whether filling voids, cushioning from impact shock or blocking and bracing goods against transport damage: Storopack’s PAPERplus® paper cushioning offers all-around perfect protection for your packaged goods, whether they’re small and fragile or bulky and heavy.

The PAPERplus® systems are comprehensive all-in-one and integration solutions. They comprise of a variety of paper cushioning machines that produce just the right packaging materials. These include:

  • PAPERplus® CLASSIC - The ideal protective packaging solution for heavy weight products.
  • PAPERplus® TRACK - Ultra-high speed for the ideal protective packaging.
  • PAPERplus® CHEVRON - Maximium fill with less material.
  • PAPERplus® PAPILLON - Optimal protection for small and medium-sized shipping goods.

Contact Wessex Packaging for packaging advice and an on-site demo of PAPERplus® ; 01935 474 217 or

 PAPERplus paper packaging machines from SToropack and Wessex Packaging

They all have one thing in common: innovative shapes enable optimal cushioning and exceptional stability with limited use of materials and a lower pack weight.

And because PAPERplus® allows you to produce paper cushioning as required directly at the packing station, you can save valuable storage space, while sending your products on their way well protected.

The advantages of the PAPERplus® packaging systems are:

  • Wide range: individual solutions from a diverse range of machines and materials
  • Superior: outstanding cushioning effect and compressive strength
  • Efficient: creasing technology for maximum material utilisation
  • Reliable: high availability through proven technology
  • Ergonomics: e.g. touch panels, foot pedals and noise reduction
  • Image: paper is more sustainable and has a favourable image with end customers


  • Because of the outstanding quality of PAPERplus®, the paper padding can be used many times
  • The paper has recycled constituents. This means an efficient use of the recycling loop
  • Manufacture of some of the narrower paper rolls requires up to 20% less water and energy
  • PAPERplus® paper padding is part of the paper recycling loop and is fully recyclable
  • PAPERplus® uses only inks which the recycler can easily remove (de-inking process)

Download the PAPERplus® brochure for range and specification details and contact us to discuss how we can help.

Wessex Packaging | Working with Storopack to provide PAPERplus® protective packaging solutions.

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Product information

Papertech technology produces paper packing solutions to protect your products in transit and storage.

Papertech 950

Uses a very effective patented crimping technique to produce strong paper pads for protecting heavy or delicate objects.

The Papertech 950 machine is available in vertical or tabletop formats and the machines are supplied on a free loan agreement subject to usage levels.

The Papertech paper pads offer the strength and versatility to cushion and protect any item whether it's heavy, fragile or awkward to pack.

Papertech 950 paper packaging machine from Wessex Packaging


Papertech 550

The Papertech 550 Shooter dispenses filler paper at a lightning fast 100m per minute to fill voids around products.

Available on a floor mounted dispenser or tabletop version. The Papertech 550 is flexible to use and operates with a hands-free foot pedal.

Papertech 550 paper packaging machine from Wessex Packaging

 For the best packaging solution for your business, ask Wessex Packaging to advise. Call us on 01935 474 217.

Speak to us about Papertech Paper Packaging

Product information

Airtech is a versatile void fill and cushioning system consisting of a range of high quality  machines and strong polythene air filled pillows.

Airtech machines are supplied by Wessex Packaging on a free loan agreement subject to usage levels, giving you a solution that is efficient, productive and without a capital outlay.

These Airtech machines are compact, easy to use and ideal for busy e-commerce and fulfilment operations.

Airtech void fill and air cushioning packaging machines from Wessex Packaging

  • Airtech 2000
    • 483 x 406 x 483mm. 9kg. Speed 6m per miinute.
  • Airtech 4000
    • 457 x 559 x 381mm. 19kg. Speed 14m per minute.
  • Airtech 6000
    • 330 x 510 x400mm. 11kg. Speed 23m per minute.

Choose from a range of pillow and cushion films in a variety of sizes and formats.

Airtech void fill air pillow film for inflatable protective packaging from Wessex Packaging

Airtech air cushion film void fill packaging from Wessex Packaging

Contact us on 01935 474 217 or to discuss our void fill range and Airtech solutions.

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Product information

Turn your old cardboard into packing material with this Ecopax system.

This powerful machine shreds the cardboard into strips that you can use as void fill.

With a max cutting width of 320mm and thickness of 10mm, this compact machine is ideal for the workplace and fulfilment centres.

Ecopax cardboard shredding machine from Wessex Packaging

Ask Wessex Packaging for details on how we can help with void fill and Ecopax.

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