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Product information

As part of our range of janitorial products, we supply centre feed blue/white tissue rolls and standard 2 ply white toilet roll to businesses and workplaces.

These toilet rolls consist of 320 sheets and come packed in 36 roll quantities. Product code: SEN320

Jumbo toilet rolls are also available in packs of 12, 2 ply white (95mm x 200m) 1000 sheets. Code JWH203R

Centre feed tissue rolls:

1 and 2 ply centre feed rolls, suitable for hand drying and general purpose applications. Available in white and blue.

White and blue centre feed janitorial tissue from Wessex Packaging

Code Description Packed
CWH160 2 Ply Mini Roll 12
CWH450S 2 Ply White 19cm x 180m 450 sheets 6
CBL300 1 Ply Blue 23cm x 300m 750 sheets 6
AIW125 1 Ply White A/Laid lint free  Wiping  6
  • Wall mounted centre feed dispenser. Code DIS005

Centre feed tissue dispenser from Wessex Packaging

2 ply white standard toilet rolls from Wessex Packaging

2 ply white jumbo toilet rolls from Wessex Packaging

 Ask us about and order janitorial products. Call Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 or email sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

Keeping a clean and tidy workplace and workforce is important.

Along with all our packaging products we've been supplying businesses with essential janitorial items for many years.

Our range of hand towel dispensers, floorstanding industrial rolls, soap dispensers and industrial hand cleaners will help you meet hygiene requirements.

Ask us today about our janitorial supplies.


Centre fold hand towels and dispenser:

The centrefold system is one of the most popualr hand towels on the market. Use in conjunction with the wall mounted c-fold dispenser.

Centre fold hand towels from Wessex Packaging

Code Description Packed
HTG2880 1 Ply Green 2880
HTW240 2 Ply White 2400
DIS 009 C - Fold Dispenser 1

Industrial wiping rolls and floorstand dispenser:

1 and 2 ply blue jumbo rolls, suitable for all industrial wiping applications.

1 and 2 ply indutrial blue tissue wiping rolls and dispenser from Wessex Packaging

Code Description Packed
IWH100 2 Ply White 28cm x 400m 1000sheets 2
IBL100 2 Ply Blue 28cm x 400m 1000sheets 2
IBL150 1 Ply Blue 19cm x 1500m 3750 sheets 1
DIS006 Floorstand Dispenser 1

For hand towels and blue tissue rolls contact Wessex Packaging on 0193.5 474 217 or email sales@wessexpkg.co.uk

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Product information

Keep clean and safe with our range of gloves. 

High quality gloves that provide reliable protection and performance across a wide range of industries. 

Latex dipped thermal gloves for cold storage and general use from Wessex Packaging

Disposable latex gloves from Wessex Packaging

Disposable polythene gloves from Wessex Packaging

Code Description   Size Packed
RIGCRC Rigger Gloves   Universal 10
100SM Latex Disposable   Small 100
100PFM Latex Disposable, Powder Free Medium 100
100LA Latex Disposable   Large 100
100PFL Latex Disposable ,  Powder Free Large 100
100PFXL Latex Disposable ,  Powder Free Extra Large 100
HPPB300 Polythene Disposable , Blue Embossed Large 10,000
HPPN200 Polythene Disposable   Medium 100
HPPN300 Polythene Disposable   Large 100

 Soaps and industrial hand cleaners

High quality hand soap 5 litres from Wessex Packaging

Wallmounted bulkfill hand soap dispenser from Wessex Packaging

Code Description
CP7103 5 Litre Liquid Hand Soap , Pink Pearlised
CP995 Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser
BLY220 Blue Yellow 220 Industrial Hand Cleaner
BYD154 Blue Yellow Dispenser and Wall Brackets

Wall mounted bulkfill soap dispenser, with pump action that helps prevent wastage and leakage. Code CP995


Everything packaging...and more. That's what we do. Wessex Packaging. 01935 474 217 and sales@wessexpkg.co.uk


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Product information

When winter does come, you don't want to be caught out and caught in the ice and snow.

Call us to order bags of de-icer, and make sure you have some ready to keep your business safe and in action.

Ice gritting lorry

Code Description Colour
SA25KG Bagged De-icing Salt x 25kg White
SP10 Salt Spreader  
GRIT20 Grit Bin 200litre Yellow
GL02M Latex dipped thermal glove - Large Grey
GL02L Latex dipped thermal glove - Extra Large Grey
GL01M High Dexterity Glove Medium Grey
GL01L High Dexterity Glove Large Grey

Call Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 for de-icer today.

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