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New! TheBoxer® Effective & Protective Void Fill Paper Packaging - scroll down to view the affordable & easy solution for e-commerce, fulfilment & co-packing operations.


Product information

Locked Air void fill packaging



Combining the latest clever technology with outstanding product quality and innovation, LockedAir® will make your packaging process easier and more efficient.

A range of inflatable packaging machines and films, the LockedAir® technology inflates and seals air pillows or cushions on demand, allowing you to wrap them around your products for impact protection, or to block and brace within a box, to ensure the product is secure and immobile.

Trusted in online order fulfilment operations globally, LockedAir® machines, air cushions and air pillows help solve packaging challenges through every stage of the journey, from factory floor to customer and end user.

LockedAir® machines use a range of films that inflate to provide air cushions and air pillows, and are designed so that you can create your own versatile and cost efficient packaging, freeing your business from storing bulky bubble wrap or big boxes of loose fill in your workplace.

Plus, packaging with LockedAir® makes more environmental sense.

  • LockedAir® Air Pillows are 98% air, a definite low impact packaging option
  • 100% reusable
  • 100% recyclable HDPE film
  • Ultra-thin films (35% less than standard formats)
  • Use significantly less packaging material than bubble wrap etc
  • High strength puncture-resistant films
  • Low energy, small footprint machines

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 Locked Air | Air void Fill Packaging

The LockedAir® machine range:

  • LockedAir® Starter Class
    • Produces Air Pillows and/or Air Cushions
    • Robust, ergonomic and easy to use
    • A versatile and smart choice for any business needing a flaxible and high-performing product
    • Ideal for space-conscious packing areas
    • A high-volume machines with a small footprint
    • The most popular LockedAir® machine
    • LockedAir® Starter Class (LASC)
  • LockedAir® Business Class
    • High speed industrial machines, producing either Air Pillows or Air Cushions
    • Fast, efficient and easy to use
    • Designed specifically for demanding fulfilment operations
    • Ideal of larger warehouses and e-commerce distribution centres
    • Can be used as part of a packing / hopper feed system
    • LockedAir® Business Class machines (LABC-P and LABC-C)

All machines come with a complimentary wearing parts replacement service (subject to standard terms and conditions).



Locked Air void fill packaging


Locked Air air cushion pillow air void fil packaging machine



Locked Air air pillow cushion air void fill packaging machine



Speak to us about LockedAir® Air Void Fill Packaging Systems

Product information

TheBoxer® is an easy, affordable and effective void fill protective packaging solution - designed to beat every day packaging problems.

Using strong commercial 80gsm grade paper, TheBoxer® has the strength to cushion the blows of movement of products in transit, and the flexibility to be moved across the workplace.

Ideally placed to be used in e-commerce and mail order packing; fulfillment operations; contract packing; and multi-product export packing...TheBoxer® is a champion operator.



  • Strong commercial grade paper
  • Eco-friendly recycled paper
  • No need for bubble wrap
  • No need for loose void fill
  • 450m roll length
  • Single box order quantity
  • Reduces your storage & inventory
  • Forms a strong protective product surrounding
  • Simple erected funnel / box tab design for ease of use

Order TheBoxer® protective paper packaging today from Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 or email 


 TheBoxer® recycled & recyclable packing paper from Wessex Packaging

TheBoxer® can also be used on a wall mounted roller for ease of use:

 TheBoxer® eco-friendly recycled packing paper roll on wall-mounted dispenser



Everything packaging. That's what we do. Wessex Packaging 01935 474217 or

Speak to us about TheBoxer® Eco-Friendly Protective Paper Packaging

Product information

New! TheBoxer® now has a floor standing dispenser!

These eye-catching yellow dispensers make it even easier to move TheBoxer® around workplace locations and to pull the protective packaging paper directly into the fulfilment area and boxes.

TheBoxer® floor standing dispenser banner from Wessex Packaging

With adjustable height options, lockable castors, swivel and tilt head settings, TheBoxer® dispenser is extremely easy to use and flexible for your workplace.

The 450m roll of recycled and recyclable paper sits neatly in the dispenser head, allowing a free-flowing movement of the paper.

TheBoxer® is widely used by many ecommerce companies, fulfilment houses and manufacturing companies, enabling them to easily pack and protect their products in transit to the end user without having to use single-use plastic or bubblewrap etc. The fact that the paper is 100% recycled and is itself 100% recyclable, helps companies towards a plastic footprint reduction and creates a positive eco-friendly approach to their packaging materials.

The floor standing dispensers can vary from 1.3m to 1.5m tall from floor to the dispenser head.

TheBoxer® dispenser uses the high performance 80gsm fully recycled paper and is engineered to make roll changes hassle-free and quick.

Ask us about TheBoxer® and an on-site demo : 01935 474 217 or

TheBoxer® floor standing dispenser from Wessex Packaging 


Everything packaging. That's what we do.

Wessex Packaging | 01935 474 217 |

Speak to us about TheBoxer® Floor Standing Dispenser

Product information

Reusable, Recyclable, and Degradable Cardboard Corner Protectors

For an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, foam or polystyrene corner protectors these cardboard guards will keep delicate or vulnerable parts of your products or pallet loads safe.

Our strong cardboard corner guards (or protectors) are ideal to keep parts of furniture, white goods and mechanical components protected from damnage during transit, and to keep general pallet loads more secure.

Supplied in a flat pack format, the corners are easy to assemble, and obviously easy to store.

Available in single wall or double wall formats, and in three sizes:

80mm x 80mm x 80mm

120mm x 120mm x 120mm

150mm x 150mm x 150mm

Eco-friendly cardboard corner protectors from Wessex Packaging - Presenter front  Recyclable protective cardboard corners from Wessex Packaging

Call Wessex Packaging today for a free sample or to discuss cardboard corner protection options : 01935 474 217 or email

Speak to us about Recyclable Cardboard Corner Protectors

Product information

Cardboard edge protectors are simple items, but can really add value to your business.

These low cost, reusable and 100% recyclable edge protectors for pallets allow you to stabilise loads and protect corners from damage by stretch film and strapping.

Cardboard edge protectors are high density and their strength helps prevent crushing where multiple pallets are stacked on top of each other.

Cardboard edge protectors 100% recyclable. Pallet protection from Wessex Packaging.

Code Size Wall Thickness Pack Qty
EP130 60 x 60 x 130mm 4mm 500
EP800 50 x 50 x 800mm 4mm 40
EP1000 35 x 35 x 1000mm 3mm 40
EPAC1000 50 x 50 x 1000mm 3mm 40
EP1130 50 x 50 x 1130mm 5mm 40
EP1200 50 x 50 x 1200mm 4mm 40
EP1500 50 x 50 x 1500mm 3mm 40
EP2000 35 x 35 x 2000mm 3mm 40
EP3000 35 x 35 x 3000mm 3mm 40



Corrugated Cornerguard Edge Protectors

As an eco-friendly alternative to foam or plastic corner guards, try our folding corrugated cardboard edge protectors for pallet loads.

These cardboard guard strips will help stabilise loads and improve the appearance of your product.

  • Size 200 x 1000mm. Pack quantity 2400. Code SG116318

Corrugated cardboard corner edge protectors for pallets from Wessex Packaging

For pallet edge protectors contacct Wessex Packaging onh 01935 474 217 or email

Speak to us about Cardboard Edge Protectors

Product information

When you need bubblewrap, you need a full range of types & sizes to keep your products packaged safely. So if you need bubblewrap, ask Wessex Packaging.

Our Airsafe bubblewrap range is available in a choice of sizes, providing high performance packaging protection for every application. Airsafe bubblewrap is excellent for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning.

Wessex Packaging has bubblewrap available in small and large rolls; anti static bubblewrap; large bubble bubblewrap; MOD defence industry bubblewrap; and biodegradable bubblewrap.

Just ask us about bubbles - we have a vast range in stock, ready to order today.

Our range of bubblewrap includes:

Bubble wrap small bubble 10mm from Wessex Packaging. Bubblewrap.

  • Airsafe small bubble bubblewrap.
    • Airsafe small bubblewrap is available with a 10mm bubble diameter, in 100m rolls in a variety of widths.
    • Airsafe small bubblewrap tearable. Easy tear small bubble will tear by hand easily in a straight line. Available in various widths & 100m rolls. 
    • Airsafe heavyweight small bubblewrap. For more demanding applications and where a higher level of protection is needed. Available in 100m rolls.
    • Airsafe small perforated bubblewrap . Small bubblewrap sheets 500 x 500mm perforated on a 100m roll.
    • Airsafe small bubblewrap handy rolls. Bubblewrap that is ideal for office use, small packaging requirements, moving house or removal companies. Available in a variety of sizes in 25m & 75m rolls.
Code Size Rolls per pack
01506 2400mm x 100m 1
01500 1500mm x 100m 1
01501 1200mm x 100m 1
01502 750mm x 100m 2
01503 600mm x 100m 2
01504 500mm x 100m 3
01505 300mm x 100m 5

 Bubble wrap large 25mm bubble. Bubble wrap from Wessex Packaging.

  • Airsafe large bubble bubblewrap.
    • Airsafe large bubble with 25mm diameter bubbles. 
    • Large bubblewrap that is useful for heavier grade protection or void fill.
    • Large bubblewrap is available in a variety of sizes on 50m rolls.
Code Size Rolls per pack
01518 2400mm x 50m 1
01510 1500mm x 50m 1
01511 1200mm x 50m 1
01512 750mm x 50m 2
01515 600mm x 50m 2
01513 500mm x 50m 3
01514 300mm x 50m 5

Bubblewrap extra large 30mm bubble. Bubble wrap from Wessex Packaging

  • Airsafe extra large bubblewrap.
    • Airsafe extra large bubble bubblewrap with 30mm diameter bubbles.
    • Extra large bubblewrap with heavy duty backing film for the ultimate bubblewrap protection.

 Bubb;ewrap anti-static. Bubble wrap from Wessex Packaging.

  • Airsafe anti-static bubblewrap.
    • Airsafe aniti-static bubblewrap is available in large and small.
    • Bubblewrap that is suitable for protecting electronic items. Bubblewrap that protects from electrostatic discharge.
Code Size Rolls per pack
01500AS 1500mm x 100m Sml 1
01502AS 750mm x 100m Sml 2
01504AS 500mm x 100m Sml 3
01506AS 375mm x 100m Sml 4
01505AS 300mm x 100m Sml 5

Biodegradable bubblewrap from Wessex Packaging

  • Airsafe biodegradable bubblewrap.
    • Airsafe biodegradable bubblewrap is environmentally friendly.
    • Airsafe green  biodegradable bubblewrap will degrade over time when placed in landfill.
    • Biodegradable bubblewrap is available in large and small bubble sizes and in 50m or 100m roll lengths.
Code Size Rolls per pack
01500BIO 1500mm x 100m Sml 1
01504BIO 500mm x 100m Sml 3
01510BIO 1500mm x 50m Lrg 1

Bubblewrap MOD Defence standard. Bubble wrap from Wessex Packaging

  • MOD Defence standard grade bubblewrap.
    • Extra heavy duty bubblewrap is certifed for MOD packaging Defence Standard 81:122.
    • Bubblewrap is available with C of C and full traceability.
    • Available in large and small bubble sizes in 50m or 100m roll lengths.
Code Size Rolls per pack
01510DS 1500mm x 50m Lrg 1
01500CS 1500mm x 100m Sml 1

 Bubble balnket from Wessex Packaging

  • Bubble blanket.
    • Bubblewrap blanket protects furniture and high value items from damge in transit and absorbs moisture.
    • This bubblewrap has a soft inner layer that protects from scratching.

Speak to us about Bubblewrap

Product information

Wessex Packaging's range of corrugated paper is made from 100% recycled material, and all of our single faced corrugated paper rolls are excellent for general packaging protection and interleaving.

Our corrugated paper rolls are available in 15 popular sizes, from stock for immediate delivery.

Corrugated paper rolls. 100% recycled corrugated from Wessex Packaging.

The corrugated paper roll sizes include:

Code Size
01575 150mm x 75m
01575A 200mm x 75m
01576 250mm x 75m
01577 300mm x 75m
01587 450mm x 75m
01578 600mm x 75m
01579 650mm x 75m
01580 750mm x 75m
01581 900mm x 75m
01582 1000mm x 75m
01583 1200mm x 75m
01592 1250mm x 75m
01585 1500mm x 75m
01586 1800mm x 75m
01588 2400mm x 75m


Defence Standard Corrugated Paper Rolls.

We also stock corrugated paper rolls manufactured to MOD Defence Standard 81:99

  • 650mm x 75m. Code O1579DS
  • 900mm x 75m. Code O1581DS

Corrugated paper rolls MOD Defence standard. Corrugated paper from Wessex Packaging.

For all your packaging needs. Ask Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 or


Speak to us about Corrugated Paper

Product information

Paper blankets, or large paper sheets, are made of 5 ply paper and are suitable for protecting furniture and other goods during transit and in storage.

Size: 1050 x 1800mm.

Pack quantity: 10.

Code: SPB1080

Order your paper and packaging from Wessex Packaging today on 01935 474 217 or

Speak to us about Paper Blankets

Product information

Loose fill is the traditional void filling material and is ideal for packing around fragile items.

Wessex's range of polystyrene loose fill is very popular due to it's protective properties, ensuring your goods are kept safe in transit. 

Loose or void fill products are foam 'chips' that are designed to move around the product and protect from movement, slippage, shock and vibration of the package whilst it's being transported.

Our loose fill range includes both Fast-fil (100% recycled, CFC free and ozone friendly) and Bio-fil, which is made from corn starch and is 100% biodegradable.


Fast-fil polystyrene loose fill. Bag volume 15cu'. Code O2231

Bio-fil biodegradable loose fill. Bag volume 15cu'. Code 02232

Loosefill void fill polystyrene. Bio loosefill biodegradable void fill. Void fill from Wessex Packaging.



Loose fill hoppers & hopper stand

Save floor space with a gravity fed hopper system. Suitable for Fast-fil and Bio-fil loose fill products.

A hand operated scissor valve makes it easy to dispense the void fill.

A mobile stand to mount 1, 2 and 4 bag hoppers, this loose fill dispenser is useful where packing is done in different locations.

Our range of loose fill hoppers includes:

  • 1 bag loose fill hopper. Code EX5325
  • 2 bag loose fill hopper. Code EX5326
  • 4 bag loose fill hopper. Code EX8029
  • Mobile stand for loose fill hopper. Code EX5327

Loosefill hoppers and hopper stand. Loose fill void fill from Wessex Packaging.

For all your loose fill, void fill, and packaging requirements, ask Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 or

Speak to us about Loose Fill & Void Fill

Product information

Cushionwrap paper rolls are rolls of cold seal corrugated paper that will stick to itself and form a strong pack.

Ideal for sending books, DVDs or other small items through the post. There's no need for tape!

Cushionwrap paper rolls are available in the following sizes:

Code Size
CW300 300mm x 100m
CW360 360mm x 100m
CW450 450mm x 100m
CS2835 280x350mm
CS3543 350x430mm


Cushionwrap corrugated paper. Cohesive corrugated paper from Wessex Packaging.

Cushionwrap sheets

Cushionwrap cold seal corrugated paper sheets are available in pre-cut sizes, or ask Wessex Packaging about your bespoke order.

 Cushionwrap sheets. Cold seal corrugated paper from Wessex Packaging.

Everything packaging. That's what we do.

Wessex Packaging 01935 474 217 and

Speak to us about Cushionwrap

Product information

Polystyrene sheets provide excellent packaging protection. They are ideal for lining packing crates and boxes for all types of products and industries.

Our packaging grade polystyrene comes in standard sheet sizes, but we specialise in providing bespoke sizes and designs to fit your product, just ask Wessex Packaging to help.

Standard polystyrene sheets sizes are:

Code Size (mm) Size (inches) Pack Qty
POLY12 2440x1220x12 96x48x0.5 24
POLY25 2440x1220x25 96x48x1 24
POLY50 2440x1220x50 96x48x2 12

Polystyrene packing sheets. Packaging grade polystyrene from Wessex Packaging.

Everything packaging. That's what we do.

Packaging materials, machines and solutions from Wessex Packaging. 01935 474 217.


Speak to us about Polystyrene Sheets

Product information

Bubble wrap bags are ideal for packing and protecting your products, a great packaging solution for items in transit.

Each bubble bag comes with a self-adhesive strip on the lip of the bag to seal it.

Bubble bags. Bubblewrap packaging bags. AirSafe bubble bags from Wessex Packaging.

Code Size Pack Qty
BB1 100x135+30mm flap 750
BB2 130X185+30mm flap 500
BB3 180x235+30mm flap 300
BB4 230x285+30mm flap 300
BB5 280x365+30mm flap 150
BB6 305x435+30mm flap 150
BB7 380x435+30mm flap 100
BB8 460x585+30mm flap 125


Anti-Static Bubblebags

Anti-static bubble wrap bags are also available from Wessex Packaging. Made from anti-static film, these bubblewrap bags protect electronic items from anti-static discharge during storage or distribution.

Anti static bubble bags. Anti-static AirSafe bubblewrap bags from Wessex Packaging.

Code Size Pack Qty
ASBB1 100x135+30mm flap 750
ASBB2 130X185+30mm flap 500
ASBB3 180x235+30mm flap 300
ASBB4 230x285+30mm flap 300
ASBB5 280x365+30mm flap 150
ASBB6 305x435+30mm flap 150
ASBB7 380x435+30mm flap 100


Ask Wessex about bubble wrap bags, all sizes and quantities available to order.

Speak to us about Bubble Bags

Product information

Our Wessex Packaging range of polythene foam is extensive.

We supply the Procel polythene foam brand which is a flexible and light PE foam on a roll, ideal for wrapping, packing, interleaving and protecting.

Procel polythene foam is strong, but lightweight, offering superior protection against scratching, scrapes and abrasion. 

Our polythene foam is available in light, medium or heavy duty weights, and in a variety of sizes.

Please ask us for bespoke sizes and if you require polythene foam in perforated sheets.


Lightweight polythene foam (0.8 - 1.0mm thickness)

This polythene foam is ideal for use in the removal business, covering furniture, protecting painted surfaces and covering pictures & household items for transport and storage.

Procell polythene foam. Procell foam light from Wessex Packaging.


Code Thickness Size Pack Qty
01524 0.8 1500mm x 300m 1
01528 0.8 500mm x 300m 3
01525 0.8 300mm x 300m 5
01526 0.8 200mm x 300m 6
01529 1.0 1000mm x 300m 1
01530 1.0 750mm x 300m 2


Medium weight polythene foam (2.5 - 4.0mm thickness)

This polythene foam is ideal for use in the removal business, proetcting furniture, metal fabrications, UPVC extrusions and flooring underlay.

Procell polythene packaging foam. Procell foam medium from Wessex Packaging.

Code Thickness Size Pack Qty
01537 2.5 1500mm x 120m 1
01538 2.5 1000mm x 120m 1
01539 2.5 750mm x 120m 2
01522 2.5 500mm x 120m 3
01541 4.0 1500mm x 75m 1
01542 4.0 1000mm x 75m 1
01523 4.0 750mm x 75m 2
01531 4.0 500mm x 75m 3
01536 4.0 100mm x 75m 12


Heavyweight polythene foam (6.0 - 10.0mm thickness)

This polythene foam is ideal for use where extra protection is needed, such as for packing cut stone, masonry and lining packing crates.

Procell polytyrene packaging foam. Procell heavyweight foam from Wessex Packaging.

Code Thickness Size Pack Qty
01543 6.0 1500mm x 50m 1
01544 10.0 1000mm x 50m 1

For all your packaging requirements, contact Wessex Packaging on 01935 4747 217 or

Speak to us about Polythene Foam

Product information

Our Wessex Packaging range of edge and corner foam protection include the Provex polyethylene foam products. Superb quality foam protection in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Manufactured from expanded blue polyethylene foam, Provex is available in 'U', 'L', 'O' and corner profiles - designed to fit and protect your goods in storage and transit.


'U' Profile Edge Protection

Provex 'U' profile foam edge protection grips securely to the edge of furniture, glass, boards, metal and persex sheets etc, providing strong resistance to impact and a high level of cushioning.

'U' profile blue foam edge protectors are available in 2m lengths in the following sizes:

U Profile edge protectors. 2m blue polyethylene foam edge protectors from Wessex Packaging.

Code Colour Size Case Qty
U515 Blue 5 - 15mm 500m
U1525 Blue 15 - 25mm 280m
U2535 Blue 25 - 35mm 180m
U3545 Blue 35 - 45mm 160m
U4560 Blue 45 - 60mm 100m
U6080 Blue 60 - 80mm 80m
U80100 Blue 80 - 100mm 64m
U120 Blue 100 - 120mm 48m


'L' Profile Edge Protection

Provex 'L' profile foam edge protection is excellent for providing extra packaging protection, and also for corner protection inside outer cartons and boxes.

'L' profile blue foam edge protectors are available in 2m lengths in the following sizes:

L profile foam edge protectors. 2m blue foam edge protectors from Wessex Packaging.

Code Colour Size Case Qty
L5050 Blue 50 x 50mm x 2m 480m
L7575 Blue 75 x 75mm x 2m 210m


'O' Profile Edge Protection

Provex 'O' profile foam protection is an all round foam length for protecting pipes etc in transit, and is also excellent for insulation. 

'O' profile blue foam protectors are all available in 1m lengths, with 9mm wall thickness, in the following sizes:

O profile round foam protectors. 1m length blue foam round protectors from Wessex Packaging.

Code Colour Size Case Qty
0229 Blue 22mm(id) 200m
0289 Blue 28mm(id) 200m
0359 Blue 35mm(id) 150m
0420 Blue 42mm(id) 110m
0549 Blue 54mm(id) 80m


Foam corner protectors

The Wessex Packaging range of blue foam 'U' profile corner protectors are available in five different sizes.

These corner protectors are ready to use and grip the corners of tables, picture frames, desks etc.

Foam corner protectors. U profile blue foam corner protectors from Wessex Packaging.

Code Colour Size Case Qty
CP515 Blue 5 - 15mm 900
CP1525 Blue 15 - 25mm 600
CP2535 Blue 25 - 35mm 400
CP3545 Blue 35 - 45mm 300
CP4560 Blue 45 - 60mm 200


Polystyrene Corner Protectors.

Lightweight and shock resistant, polystyrene corners provide superior packing protection inside your carton for heavy or delicate objects.

Polystyrene corner protectors are available in 60 x 60mm interior size (85 x 85mm exterior) in packs of 600. Code PCP60

Polystyrne corner packaging protectors from Wessex Packaging.


Expanding Corner Protectors

Expanding black plastic corner protectors are suitable for furniture, picture frames etc.

Sizes available include: 

Expanding blasck plastic corner protectors from Wessex Packaging.

Code Size(mm) Pack Qty
EXCO13 14 - 40mm 1000
EXCO14 40 - 70mm 250


Plastic Corner Protectors

Strong black plastic corner protectors are available for use on many boxes and cartons. Size 65 x 65 x 30mm. Code PC6565

Speak to us about Foam Edge & Corner Protection

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