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Product information

Ideal for Christmas gifting and e-commerce fulfilment, these super strong cardboard bottle boxes are new in to us here at Wessex Packaging.

Made of strong, double walled cardboard, these bottle boxes are quick and easy to put together and form a strong robust protective box for bottles to be sent by post or courier.

With a high quality one-piece cardboard structure, the boxes form a strong surround and can be packed with additional protective packing paper, such as TheBoxer® paper, to fully support, surround and protect the bottle.

These bottle boxes are environmentally friendly and can be fully recycled in the kerbside collections, along with your other waste cardboard.

So, by using Wessex Packaging's TheBoxer® recycled and recyclable packing paper, and Eco100® adhesive paper tape, the whole package is fully recyclable and plastic free. 

The bottle boxes are unbranded so have pleanty of clear space to address the package or to stick postage labels.

If you're sending bottles as gifts by post this Christmas time, then these cardboatd bottle packs from Wessex Packaging make great sense.

Cardboard bottle box from Wessex Packaging



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Product information

Wessex Packaging has one of the most extensive ranges of single wall cartons and boxes available.

Ideal for general purpose storage, packing & shipping, these cardboard boxes are flat packed in 25's and are ready in stock.

Single wall boxes. Single wall cartons from Wessex Packaging. 1000s in stock.


Code Size (mm) Size (inches) Pack Qty
SW444 102x102x102 4x4x4 25
SW555 127x127x127 5x5x5 25
SW644 152x102x102 6x4x4 25
SW653 152x127x95 6x5x3.75 25
SW664 152x152x114 6x6x4.5 25
SW666 152x152x152 6x6x6 25
SW855 203x127x127 8x5x5 25
SW888 203x203x203 8x8x8 25
SW966 229x152x152 9x6x6 25
SW974 229x178x102 9x7x4 25
SW995 229x229x127 9x9x5 25
SW101010 254x254x254 10x10x10 25
SW1294 305x229x102 12x9x4 25
SW1296 305x229x152 12x9x6 25
SW1299 305x229x229 12x9x9 25
SW12126 305x305x152 12x12x6 25
SW121212 305x305x305 12x12x12 25
SW16136 400x333x152 16x13x6 25
SW161610 400x400x250 16x16x10 25
SW18126 457x305x152 18x12x6 25
sw181210 457x305x254 18x12x10 25
SW20126 520x305x152 20x12x6 25
SW221512 559x381x305 22x15x12 25
SW24126 610x305x152 24x12x6 25


 Single wall boxes. Single wall cartons range from Wessex Packaging.

Call us today on 01935 474 217 to discuss the best boxes or cartons for you, or download our sample spec sheet.

Everything packaging. That'swhat we do. 

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Product information

Double wall cartons and boxes provide extra protection and are suitable for heavy or fragile items.

Wessex Packaging has a large selection of sizes available from stock.

Double wall boxes. Double wall cartons. 1000s in stock from Wessex Packaging.

Code Size (mm) Size (inches) Pack Qty
DW666 152x152x152 6x6x6 10
DW668 165X165X215 6.5X6.5X8.5 10
DW977 243X183X161 9.5X7X6.5 10
DW1096 255X215X130 10X8.5X5 10
DW101010 254x254x254 10x10x10 10
DW11107 292X254X178 11.5X10X7 10
T5869 305X229X229 12X9X9 10
DW1299 305X229X229 12X9X9 10
DW12126 305X305X152 12X12X6 10
DW121212 305X305X305 12X12X12 10
DW141013 355X254X330 14X10X13 10
DW141410 356X356X265 14X14X10.5 10
DW141414 356X356X356 14X14X14 10
DW15105 380X253X130 15X10X5 10
DW151010 381X254X254 15X10X10 10
DW16106 406X254X152 16X10X6 10
DW16127 400X300X180 16X12X7 10
DW161616 406X406X406 16X16X16 10
DW181210 457X305X254 18X12X10 10
DW181212 457X305X305 18X12X12 10
DW18186 457X457X152 18X18X6 10
DW181812 457X457X305 18X18X12 10
DW181818 457X457X457 18X18X18 10
DW181820 457X457X508 18X18X20 10
DW201212 500x310x310 20X12x12 10
DW201515 508X381X381 20X15X15 10
DW202020 508X508X508 20X20X20 10
DW241614 600x400x350 23X16X13.5 10
DW231725 585X433X630 23X17X25 10
DW241818 610X457X457 24X18X18 10
DW242012 610X508X305 24X20X12 10
DW242416 610X610X406 24X24X16 10
DW242424 610X610X610 24X24X24 10
DW241310 622X324X254 24.5X12.75X10 10
DW301212 762X305X305 30X12X12 10
DW301818 762X457X457 30X18X18 10
DW361818 914X457X457 36X18X18 10

Double wall boxes and cartons from Wessex Packaging.

For all your boxes. Contact Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 or


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Product information

Our triple wall boxes are made with three layers of very heavy duty corrugated cardboard for extra strength & durability.

These heavy duty boxes are ideal for heavy goods and export items.

Triple wall boxes and cartons from Wessex Packaging.

Code Size (mm) Size (inches)
02180 406x305x305 16x12x12
02181 508X356X300 20X14X12

Die Cut / Postal Boxes

Our die cut box range offers enhanced protection and product appeal. These easy-to-assemble single wall cartons come in a variety of sizes.

Die cut postal boxes from Wessex Packaging

Code Style Size (mm) Size (inches) Colour Pack Qty
DC430 0426 110x75x15 4x3x0.5 White 50
DC532 0426 132x77x45 5x3x2 Brown 50
DC662 0426 152x152x65 6x6x2.5 White 50
DC651 0426 160x135x40 6.5x5.25x1.5 White 50
DC852 0426 201x126x55 8x5x2 White 50
DC1071 0426 240x180x40 10x7x1.5 White 50
DC1082 0426 246x216x55 10x8.5x2 White 50
DC1173 0426 275X180X80 11X7X3 White 50
DC16162 0426 400x400x50 16x16x2 Brown 50
DC20163 0426 508x406x114 20x16x4.5 Brown 50
NO54 Bookpack 245x160x40 9.5x6x1.5 Brown  
NO58 Bookpack 300x210x70 12x8.25x2.5 Brown  

For all your box requirements contact Wessex Packaging on 0193 5474 217 or

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Product information

Wessex Packaging supplies pallets that are versatile and suitable for a wide variety of industries.

Pallets help protect, transport and store your products.

Our range of pallets at Wessex Packaging includes wooden timber pallets, presswood pallets & plastic pallets. All of which can be supplied in a variety of sizes and suitable for use with forklift trucks, pallet hand trucks & pallet stackers.

Wooden pallets

Our timber pallets are heavy duty reconditioned pallets, that are also available heat treated for export.

  • Size 600 x 800mm. Code WP8060.
  • Size 800 x 1200mm. Code WP1280.
  • Size 1000 x 1200. Code WP1210.

Timber pallets from Wessex Packaging.

Presswood pallets

Presswood pallets are strong, nestable pallets made from recycled material, PEFC certified and environmentally friendly. 

Made without nails or screws, Wessex Packaging's presswood pallets are suitable for all export markets.

  • Size 400 x 600mm. Code PRP4060.
  • Size 600 x 800mm. Code PRP6080.
  • Size 800 x 1200mm. Code PRP812.
  • Size 1000 x 1200mm. Code PRP1012.

Presswood pallets from Wessex Packaging.

Black plastic pallets

Our range of black plastic pallets are strong and stackable, & suitable for export markets.

  • Size 600 x 800mm. Code BP60/80.
  • Size 800 x 1200mm. Code BP80/120.
  • Size 1000 x 1200mm. Code BP100/120.

Black plastic strong stackable pallets from Wessex Packaging.

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Product information

Wessex Packaging's wooden packing crates can be manufactured to your bespoke requirements.

Ideal for packing really fragile products or transporting heavy duty goods, our range of wooden crates are all made from very strong timber and robust enough for export and storage.

Please contact us to discuss your specific packing crate requirements.

Strong export packaging crates from Wessex Packaging.

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Product information

Archive storage boxes are strong, easy to handle and just really useful!

Supplied in A3 or A4 sizes, the storage boxes are printed and die cut, and ideal ofr files, stationery & other office or home items.

These storage boxes from Wessex Packaging come with hand holes for easy handling, lids and come flatpacked for ease of storage.

Both sizes of archive storage boxes are available in packs of 10.

  • Size: 365 x 275 x 250mm or 14.5  x11.5 x 10 inches (A4). Code CPAC365.
  • Size: 430 x 310 x 250mm or  17 x 12 x 13 inches (A3). Code CPAC430.

Archive storage boxes A3 and A4 from Wessex Packaging.

Everything packaging. That's what we do.

For all your business packaging, call Wessex Packaging for advice and a quote. 01935 474 217

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Product information

Corrugated sheets

Our corrugated cardboard sheets are a stalwart of your general packaging inventory. With a multitude of uses, they are a must-have in your business.

Available in a variety of sizes and thickness:

Corrugated cardboard layer sheets from Wessex Packaging.

  • Size: 980 x 690mm. Single wall. Quantity 10. Code SWS9869.
  • Size: 1170 x 740mm. Single wall. Quantity 10. Code SWS7411.
  • Size: 1225 x 1981mm. Double wall. Quantity 10. Code DWS1219.


Correx sheets - corrugated plastic sheets are suitable for interleaving, side protection, edge protection and even floor protection.

Correx is waterproof, so can help protect and package your products even more effectively.

Order Correx from us today:

  • Size: 2500 x 1200mm. Thickness: 2mm / 270gsm. Quantity 10. Code CS1.

Correx sheets. Corrugated plastic packaging sheets from Wessex Packaging.

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