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Tapes - Printed Warning Tapes x5

Stock Design Printed Tape

As part of our tape portfolio, we have a wide range of printed, warning and hazard tapes…but can also provide any bespoke order you require.
Whether you’re needing Fragile or Handled With Care, Hazard, Caution, or just floor marking tape – call us today for sizes, specs and quotes.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1-4 Boxes 5-9 Boxes 10+ Boxes Qty (Packs)
02118P Low Noise "Fragile" Tape 50mm x 66m 36 White £62.64 £1.74 £42.85 £1.19 £30.96 £0.86
02119P Low Noise "Fragile Handle With Care" Tape 50mm x 66m 36 White £71.64 £1.99 £56.16 £1.56 £45.72 £1.27
02122P Low Noise "Caution" Tape 50mm x 66m 36 White £64.44 £1.79 £48.60 £1.35 £34.92 £0.97
02123P Low Noise "Contents Checked And Security Sealed" Tape 50mm x 66m 36 White £113.04 £3.14 £90.43 £2.51 £75.36 £2.09
ET50FR Cost Effective Acrylic Adhesive Tape - Fragile 48mm x 150m 36 White £92.16 £2.56 £75.25 £2.09 £62.28 £1.73

We have a wide range of self adhesive tape with pre-printed messages, that can be used with a standard tape dispenser. Or contact us of any bespoke custom message printing.

Available in 66m roll lengths in polypropylene or low noise grades.

What is Pre Printed tape?

Pre Printed tape is a type of packaging tape that comes with pre-printed designs or messages, such as “Fragile,” “Handle with Care,” “This Side Up,” and “Do Not Bend.” These pre-printed messages help indicate the handling requirements of the package and reduce the risk of damage during transit.

When would you use Pre Printed tapes?

Pre Printed tapes are ideal for a range of packaging applications where specific handling instructions or warnings need to be communicated to handlers and couriers. Here are some examples of when pre-printed tapes can be used:


  1. Fragile Items. Pre Printed tapes with the message “Fragile” are ideal for packaging delicate or fragile items, such as glassware, ceramics, or electronics. This communicates to handlers that the package needs to be handled with care.
  2. Hazardous Materials. Tapes with pre-printed messages such as “Caution” or “Hazardous” can be used to indicate the presence of dangerous materials. This alerts handlers to take extra precautions during handling.
  3. Orientation. Pre Printed tapes with messages such as “This Side Up” or “Handle with Care” can be used to indicate the proper orientation of the package during shipping. This ensures that the package is loaded and unloaded correctly and avoids damage due to improper handling.
  4. Security. Tapes with pre-printed security messages such as “Tamper Evident” or “Security Sealed” can be used to indicate if a package has been tampered with or opened during transit. This helps improve the overall security of the package and prevents any unauthorized access.


What types of Pre Printed tapes do we offer?

There are many types of Pre Printed tapes available. Here at Wessex, we stock a core range of Pre Printed tapes this includes.



If you are looking for different Pre Printed tapes that reference orientation or hazardous goods please get in touch with the sales team.


What is bespoke printed tape?

Bespoke design printed tape is a type of packaging tape that is customized to meet the specific requirements of individual customers. Unlike Pre Printed tapes that come with standard designs and messages, bespoke printed tape allows customers to add their logos, brand names, promotional messages, or any other unique design elements to the tape.


Why choose bespoke printed tape?

Bespoke design printed tape offers several advantages over pre-printed tapes. Firstly, it allows businesses to add their branding to their packaging, which can help increase brand recognition and recall. Secondly, it offers a high level of customization, allowing businesses to create unique designs that are tailored to their specific needs. Finally, bespoke printed tape can help improve the security and visibility of packages during transit, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their overall customer experience.


How can I order Pre Printed and Bespoke Tape?

Head over to our online packaging shop to view the full range or contact our sales team.

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