E-Tape 2 - General Purpose Packing Tape


e-tape is our most popular packaging tape and is a must-have for any postal, packing, factory & workshop.

e-tape is PP tape with very strong adhesive, with long 150m length rolls that allow you to package products and good easily, with less waste, storage and roll changes.

We like to think, and many of our customers agree that e-tape is one of the best packing tapes available in the world!
The unique smaller 50mm core size (compared to 76mm standard core size) means that each e-tape roll has 150m of tape, compared to 66m on a conventional roll.

Plus, with our ergonomic and easy-to-use tape gun, e-tape is the perfect packing tape solution.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Pallet Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1 - 5 Boxes 6 - 60 Boxes Pallet Rate Qty (Packs)
ET50EPT Eco-Friendly Paper Tape 48mm x 100m 36 2592 Kraft/Solvent £108.00 £3.00 £98.28 £2.73 £83.16 £2.31
ET50PTFRA Eco-Friendly Paper Tape Printed "Fragile" 48mm x 100m 36 2592 Kraft/Red £153.00 £4.25 £139.23 £3.87 £117.81 £3.27
ET50CSO Heavy Duty Solvent Adhesive Tape 48mm x 150m 36 2160 Clear £70.56 £1.96 £59.27 £1.65 £54.68 £1.52
ET50BSO Heavy Duty Solvent Adhesive Tape 48mm x 150m 36 2160 Buff £70.56 £1.96 £59.27 £1.65 £54.68 £1.52
ET50CHM High Performance Hot Melt Adhesive Tape 48mm x 150m 36 2160 Clear £57.60 £1.60 £52.99 £1.47 £43.20 £1.20
ET50BHM High Performance Hot Melt Adhesive Tape 48mm x 150m 36 2160 Buff £57.60 £1.60 £52.99 £1.47 £43.20 £1.20
ET50CAC Cost Effective Acrylic Adhesive Tape 48mm x 150m 36 3024 Clear £49.68 £1.38 £39.60 £1.10 £35.27 £0.98
ET50FR Cost Effective Acrylic Adhesive Tape - Fragile 48mm x 150m 36 3240 White £86.76 £2.41 £71.28 £1.98 £52.92 £1.47
ET50WSO Heavy Duty Solvent Adhesive Tape 48mm x 150m 36 2160 White £70.56 £1.96 £59.27 £1.65 £54.68 £1.52
ET70CHM High Performance Hot Melt Adhesive Tape 70mm x 100m 24 1584 White £53.76 £2.24 £49.46 £2.06 £40.32 £1.68

E-tape 1 is our heavy-duty packing tape.
High-performance tape with strong adhesive.
Works in environments from -20° to +50°C.
Very strong grab, for when extra adhesion is needed.
Will work in dirty conditions.
Available in clear, brown (buff) or white.

E-Tape 2 is our general-purpose packing tape.
Good performance everyday tape.
Fast initial grab with long term bond up to 12 months.
Use in temperatures from +5°C, not suitable for outside or freezer conditions.
Will not absorb ink from a thermal transfer label.
Available in clear or brown (buff).

E-Tape Plus is our value or economy grade packing tape.
Very cost-effective.
Environmentally friendly.
Works best in +15° to +65°C.
Excellent initial grab and ideal for shorter-term storage.
Available in clear or brown (buff).

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