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Our EcoTape is a great choice for an eco-friendly packaging approach.

As an alternative to plastic tapes, our EcoTapes are a self-adhesive paper tape that is 100% recyclable.

Try Eco100® paper tape, which is 100% recyclable and 100m long. A great way to secure your packages and make a good eco-friendly impression to your customers. Plus with a 100m on each roll, this longer length will mean less downtime as you change rolls on the tape dispenser.

NEW! White Eco100® Paper Tape.

100m rolls of white Eco100 self adhesive paper packing tape are now available. Ideal for use on white cardboard boxes, to create a professional finish.

Personalise your paper tape. Ask us about personalising your paper tape with your own logo or brand message.

ECO25, ECO50 & ECO75 can be used with standard tape dispensers while ET50EPT & ET50PTFRA can only be used with WETD E-Tape dispensers.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1 Box 2-5 Boxes 6+ Boxes Qty (Packs)
ECO25 Kraft Paper Ecotape - 3" Core 25mm x 50m 72 Kraft £156.96 £2.18 £125.57 £1.74 £104.64 £1.45
ECO50 Kraft Paper Ecotape - 3" Core 50mm x 50m 36 Kraft £84.60 £2.35 £67.68 £1.88 £56.52 £1.57
ECO75 Kraft Paper Ecotape - 3" Core 75mm x 50m 24 Kraft £86.16 £3.59 £68.88 £2.87 £57.36 £2.39
ET50EPT Eco100® Eco-Friendly Paper E-Tape - 2" Core 48mm x 100m 36 Kraft £165.24 £4.59 £132.19 £3.67 £110.16 £3.06
ET50WEPT White Eco100® Eco-Friendly Paper Tape - 2" core 48mm x 100m 36 White £165.24 £4.59 £132.19 £3.67 £111.81 £3.11
ET50PTFRA Eco-Friendly Paper E-Tape Printed "Fragile" - 2" Core 48mm x 100m 36 Kraft/Red £201.96 £5.61 £161.64 £4.49 £134.64 £3.74

Eco Tape is a winner with many of our customers here at Wessex. The purpose of this tape is to ensure reduced plastic waste. Our Eco packaging tapes are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic based packaging tapes. Eco packaging tape comes in a range of sizes, 25mm, 50mm, and 75mm.  These tapes are strong and durable, guaranteeing that your packages stay secure during transit.


Eco100®  (Product code ET50EPT) is a 100m roll of eco-friendly and sustainable self adhesive paper packing tape. 48mm wide x 100m long, available in packs of 36 rolls. Made from brown Kraft paper with a natural rubber adhesive. This paper tape is ideal for ecommerce fulfilment and makes it easy for the customer to recycle the cardboard box and tape in their household recycling. Replaces the need for plastic tape.

Eco100® White (Product code (ET50WEPT) is a 100m roll of eco-friendly and sustainable self adhesive packing tape. 48mm wide x 100m long, available in packs of 36 rolls. Made from white Kraft paper with a natural rubber adhesive. This white paper tape is ideal on white cardboard boxes as it looks neat and makes your packaging look very professional when it arrives at the customer. Fully recyclable in household kerbside recycling collections.

Why Eco Tape?

Eco packaging Tape is a paper based tape that has many advantages most prominently environmental friendliness along with this it is 100% recyclable.

Our Eco packaging Tape comes in a variety of sizes including 25mm, 50mm and 75mm. this offers the flexibility to use this packaging tape in a variety of packaging applications.

Another key benefit is avoiding the impact of plastic packaging tax. As part of a HMRC plastic packaging reduction campaign, they introduced plastic packaging tax (PPT) to all businesses that import more than 10 tonnes of plastic annually. The tax is a fixed rate of £200 per tonne. This tax increases the cost of plastic packaging for us here at Wessex and in turn, increases the cost to you our customer. So choosing paper-based packaging tapes benefits your budget and the planet.


What types of Eco Tape do we offer?

There are two types of paper packaging tapes in our range.


ECO100 is part of the E-Tape brand. It retains many benefits of the original plastic E-Tape packaging tape including its small core which measures 48mm in diameter which allows an extended role length of 150m this results in fewer role changes and saves valuable time.

Here at Wessex, we stock a range of pre-printed ECO100 tapes.

This includes:



In addition to our pre-printed ECO100 here a Wessex we can offer bespoke printed tape. We can print your logo, contact details or your company’s tagline. With the creation of bespoke packaging, it’s up to you! If this is something you are looking for please get in touch with our sales team.


Kraft Paper Eco Tape

Kraft Paper Tape is another great option for paper-based packaging tapes. With the choice of three sizes, including.

  • 25mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm


The availability of different sizes of eco-friendly Kraft paper tape provides companies with a cost-effective solution for their packaging needs while being environmentally responsible. This versatile tape can be used in a wide range of packaging applications.

What Makes ECO Tape a Strong Choice?

The eco friendliness of paper-based tape also makes it a great choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact. Many companies are now taking steps to become more sustainable, and choosing eco friendly packaging solutions is an important part of this. Using paper-based tape helps companies reduce their use of plastic-based packaging materials and reduce their carbon footprint.

Where Can I Purchase Eco Tape?

Head over to our online shop or contact our sales team.

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