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Postal - Jiffy Padded Bags

Jiffy Padded Bags

Jiffy padded bags are the traditional postal bag and used the world over for protecting items in the post.
Made from recycled fibres, with a tear strip for easy opening, they are a great eco-friendly postal option.
Our range of Jiffy bags come in a variety of sizes.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1-4 Packs 5-9 Packs 10+ Packs Qty (Packs)
PB00 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 00 (A6, Memory Stick) 120 x 229mm Ext Size 105 x 229mm Int Size 200 Kraft £41.06 £0.21 £32.85 £0.16 £27.37 £0.14
PB0 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 0 (Single CD) 150 x 229mm Ext Size 135 x 229mm Int Size 200 Kraft £35.38 £0.18 £29.48 £0.15 £26.40 £0.13
PB1 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 1 (A5, DVD, Video Game) 180 x 280mm Ext Size 165 x 280mm Int Size 100 Kraft £28.03 £0.28 £22.42 £0.22 £18.69 £0.19
PB2 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 2 (Multiple DVD, Video Games) 210 x 290mm Ext Size 195 x 280mm Int Size 100 Kraft £32.03 £0.32 £25.62 £0.26 £21.35 £0.21
PB3 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 3 (Books) 210 x 343mm Ext Size 195 x 343mm Int Size 100 Kraft £32.50 £0.33 £26.00 £0.26 £21.67 £0.22
PB4 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 4 (A4, brochures) 240 x 343mm Ext Size 225 x 343mm Int Size 100 Kraft £42.08 £0.42 £33.66 £0.34 £28.05 £0.28
PB5 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 5 (Large Books) 260 x 381mm Ext Size 245 x 381mm Int Size 100 Kraft £54.38 £0.54 £43.50 £0.44 £36.25 £0.36
PB6 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 6 (Clothing, Oversize A4) 310 x 458mm Ext Size 295 x 458mm Int Size 50 Kraft £38.22 £0.76 £30.58 £0.61 £25.48 £0.51
PB7 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 7 (A3, Files, Ringbinders 356 x 483mm Ext Size 341 x 483mm Int Size 50 Kraft £42.85 £0.86 £34.28 £0.69 £28.57 £0.57
PB8 Jiffy Padded Bags - Size 8 (A3+, Computer Peripherals) 457 x 661mm Ext Size 442 x 661mm Int Size 50 Kraft £63.32 £1.27 £52.77 £1.06 £47.25 £0.95

Available in 9 sizes and pack quantities from 50 – 100 mailers per box.
Jiffy postal mailers are ideal for e-commerce fulfilment and mailing house operations.

What are jiffy padded bags?

Jiffy Padded Bags are a type of postal bag that provides padded protection for items during shipping. They are designed to be lightweight, durable and easy to use.

What sizes do jiffy padded bags come in?

Jiffy Padded Bags come in a variety of sizes to fit different items. Please see the above sizing options. If you cannot see a size that suits your requirements please get in touch with the sales team.

What types of items are jiffy padded bags suitable for?

Jiffy Padded Bags are suitable for a range of items that require extra padding during shipping, such as small electronics, fragile items, jewellery, books, CDs, DVDs, and other items that need to be protected during transit.

Where can I purchase jiffy bags?

Head over to our online packaging shop or get in touch with our sales team.

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