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Machine Pallet Stretchfilm pallet wrap: 250% PPS Grade

Power Pre-Stretch Machine Pallet Wrap 250%

Choose from our range of power pre-stretch pallet wrap films.

Each of our power pre-stretch films have a 250% stretch capability.

Meaning that 1m of film can be stretched to 3.5m.

These high performance pallet wrap films are designed to work on power pre-stretch pallet wrapping machines, to generate the stretch percentage and ‘lock’ the film in place for optimum hold force.

♻️ Now with 30% recycled content.

Power pre-stretch pallet wrap helps provide excellent film clarity to scan barcodes and for premium product presentation. Our range of power pre-stretch pallet films also help provide a secure and stable load.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Pallet Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1 Pallet 2+ Pallet Qty (Packs)
NCP53020* 20 micron - 250% PPS Machine Film - 16KG Roll 500mm x 1625m Roll 46 Clear £46.13 £46.13 £42.59 £42.59
PW300500B 30 micron - 300% Black Opaque Power Plus Grade Machine Wrap - 16kg Roll 500mm x 1036m Pallet 46 Black £3,565.00 £77.50 £3,267.84 £71.04
NCP53017 17 micron - 250% PPS Machine Pallet Wrap - 16KG Roll 500mm x 1860m Pallet 46 Clear £2,121.98 £46.13 £1,959.14 £42.59
NCP53020 20 micron - 250% PPS Machine Film - 16KG Roll 500mm x 1625m Pallet 46 Clear £2,121.98 £46.13 £1,959.14 £42.59
NCP53023 23 micron - 250% PPS Machine Film - 16KG Roll 500mm x 1375m Pallet 46 Clear £2,121.98 £46.13 £1,959.14 £42.59
CP53025B 25 micron Black - 250% PPS Machine Film - 16KG Roll 500mm x 1300m Pallet 46 Black £2,377.74 £51.69 £2,161.54 £46.99
NCP53030 30 micron - 250% PPS Machine Film - 16KG Roll 500mm x 1450m Pallet 46 Clear £2,121.98 £46.13 £1,959.14 £42.59

Wessex Packaging’s Power Pre-Stretch Machine Pallet Wrap is available in clear and black film, and variety of film thickness.

Each roll is based on a weight of 16kg, with approx length in metres given as guidance.

For advice on which pallet wrap, or pallet wrapping machine, is best for your operations, please contact us on 01935 474217 or email [email protected] and we can help.

We also offer no-obligation pallet wrap audits. These pallet wrap audits can help you evaluate how effective your pallet wrapping process is, and where improvements and savings can be made – they are very well received by Warehouse Managers, Supply Chain Managers and Continuous Improvement Managers.

Our pallet wrap audits often identify ways to reduce the amount of plastic film used per pallet; a lower cost per pallet wrapped; and greater overall efficiency in the use of the film and the machine.

What is power pre-stretch pallet wrap film?

Power pre-stretch film is a type of pallet wrap film that is designed to be used on a pre-stretch pallet wrapping machine.

Power pre-stretch pallet wrap goes through two rollers on the pallet wrapper that stretches the film up to a maximum percentage. This range of power pre-stretch pallet films from Wessex Packaging has a 250% stretch capacity, meaning that each one metre of pallet film can be stretched to 3.5 metres.

Why use power pre-stretch pallet wrap?

Using Wessex Packaging’s power pre-stretch pallet wrap can help drive efficiencies and savings in your pallet wrapping and dispatch processes. The stretch percentage of the film can be set according to your specific pallet wrapping machine, and relevant to what is being wrapped on the pallet.

This helps makes the best use of the pallet wrap and gives you a secure, stable pallet load, and once the film has been stretched on the machine it is ‘locked’, so that it remains constant. It also provide excellent clarity, without lines appearing on the film, making it easier for you to scan barcodes, or QR codes through the plastic, and helps present the products more clearly so that warehouse teams can easily identify each pallet.

What other pallet wrap stretch films are there?

As pallet wrap and packaging experts, here at Wessex Packaging we stock a complete range of pallet wrap films that are used by manufacturing, logistics and supply chain companies across the UK.

We stock:

  • Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrap
    • As described above.
  • Hand Stretch Pallet Wrap
    • This pallet wrap film is on smaller rolls that can be used by hand, or also using a dispenser, and are often used for lighter, smaller pallets loads or groups of packages.
  • Machine Stretch Film
    • This pallet wrap is designed for use on semi-automatic, or automatic, pallet wrapping machines. Larger rolls of pallet film are used and the film is ideal for heavier or larger pallet loads.


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