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WRAPIDO® Hand pallet wrap + dispenser

WRAPIDO® is a nano hand pallet wrap dispenser and stretch film combination.

Using the WRAPIDO dispenser and pallet wrap film gives warehouse teams the perfect pallet wrapping combination.

Smooth, speedy and sturdy, WRAPIDO allows you to walk forwards around the pallet, holding the lightweight dispenser easily in one hand.

The WRAPIDO dispenser is approx 25% lighter than most similar products, so it makes life easier and much more ergonomic if you are wrapping pallets on a regular basis in your warehouse or distribution centre.

Plus, with magnetic ends, the WRAPIDO pallet wrap dispenser won’t easily get misplaced when you attach it to warehouse racking or hand pump truck!

The WRAPIDO pallet wrap is a new-generation nano stretch film is made of multiple layers of polymers, which are not used in conventional pallet films in the UK.

These polymer layers are selected, blended and then extruded to create a nano film that is designed for optimum hold force, tear resistance and is ultimately much stronger and lighter than older specification films.

The engineered layers of polymer in WRAPIDO are the same principle as in plywood and bullet proof glass – making it virtually unbeatable!

WRAPIDO pallet wrap stretch film is available in clear, black or blue. Six rolls per pack.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Pallet Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1-4 Boxes 5-9 Boxes 10+ Boxes Pallet rate Qty (Packs)
HWB400-10 WRAPIDO Black Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Wrap 400mm x 400m 6 240 Black £75.00 £12.50 £58.38 £9.73 £47.76 £7.96 £43.74 £7.29
WRPI2 WRAPIDO New Generation Hand Pallet Wrap Dispenser c/w Magnets and Bottom Plate 550 x 210mm 1 Black Metal £189.81 £189.81 £155.78 £155.78 £125.89 £125.89 £125.89 £125.89
WRPI800 WRAPIDO Clear Nano Hand Pallet Wrap 390mm x 800m 6 480 Clear £79.38 £13.23 £63.54 £10.59 £52.92 £8.82 £48.84 £8.14
HWB600-8 WRAPIDO Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Wrap 400mm x 600m 6 240 Clear £77.88 £12.98 £62.29 £10.38 £51.92 £8.65 £47.94 £7.99
HWB600-7 WRAPIDO Black Nano Hand Pallet Wrap 400mm x 600m 6 240 Black £71.64 £11.94 £57.30 £9.55 £48.48 £8.08 £44.10 £7.35
HWB600-7BL WRAPIDO Blue Nano Hand Pallet Wrap (30% recycled) 400mm x 600m 6 240 Blue £69.78 £11.63 £55.79 £9.30 £46.52 £7.75 £42.96 £7.16

If your warehouse team wrap pallets by hand. Take a look at WRAPIDO®.

The WRAPIDO® nano hand pallet wrap film and dispenser from Wessex Packaging are:

– Smart: the cleverly engineered pallet wrap dispenser design makes holding a roll of pallet film and wrapping a pallet easy.

– Ergonomic: The ergonomic design allows you to walk forwards when wrapping a pallet, with less bending to wrap the pallet base.

– Sturdy: The strong, but lightweight metal design makes it robust and ideal for a working warehouse environment.

– Efficient: The easy loading of a new roll of pallet film and the tensioning dial, makes our WRAPIDO nano hand pallet wrap dispenser from Wessex Packaging, one of the most efficient solutions available.

What is WRAPIDO®?

WRAPIDO® is a pallet wrap dispenser and film combination.

What makes WRAPIDO® so good?

The handheld dispenser is approx 25% lighter than standard pallet wrap dispensers, so is easier to use, and the pallet wrap is a new-generation nano stretch film is made of multiple layers of polymers, which are not used in conventional pallet films in the UK.

How will my warehouse team benefit from wrapping pallets with WRAPIDO®?

The WRAPIDO® system is designed and engineered to make wrapping pallets by hand easier, safer and more efficient.

The dispenser is lighter to hold than most standarrd bow pallet wrap dispenser.

It can be held in either the right or left hand.

It enables the person wrapping the pallets to walk forwards around the pallet as they wrap, rather than having to walk backwards, which can be a safety risk.

The WRAPIDO® pallet wrap film is lightweight, but strong and with great clarity, meaning that you use less plastic and it is easier to see and scan products or barcodes through the pallet film.

Can I adjust how tightness of the pallet wrap film?

Yes, the WRAPIDO® pallet wrap dispenser has a tensioning dial on the top of the handle, so this can easily be adjusted.

Can I make a roping effect with the pallet wrap film to make heavy loads even more secure?

Yes, simply tilt the pallet wrap film dispenser on an angle to create a roping effect as you walk around the pallet. We recommend doing this twice around a pallet if required.

Does the WRAPIDO® hand pallet wrap system help with health and safety?

Yes, we believe that using the WRAPIDO® pallet wrap dispenser is more ergonomic for the warehouse worker, helping reduce the risk of joint pains. It is also safer to walk forwards when wrapping a pallet by hand, rather than walking backwards and bending to hold the roll of pallet film.

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