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Corrugated Paper Rolls

Our corrugated paper rolls are available in 16 popular sizes on 75m rolls, from stock for immediate delivery.

Please note: Delivery of these products is only available on Wessex Packaging’s own transport. Not available for nationwide delivery.  For further information, please call us on 01935 474 217.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1-4 5-9 10+ Qty (Packs)
01575 Corrugated Paper Rolls 150mm x 75m 1 Brown £7.77 £7.77 £6.22 £6.22 £5.18 £5.18
01575A Corrugated Paper Rolls 200mm x 75m 1 Brown £10.35 £10.35 £8.28 £8.28 £6.90 £6.90
01576 Corrugated Paper Rolls 250mm x 75m 1 Brown £12.35 £12.35 £9.88 £9.88 £8.23 £8.23
01577 Corrugated Paper Rolls 300mm x 75m 1 Brown £15.53 £15.53 £12.42 £12.42 £10.35 £10.35
01577A Corrugated Paper Rolls 400mm x 75m 1 Brown £20.71 £20.71 £16.57 £16.57 £13.81 £13.81
01587 Corrugated Paper Rolls 450mm x 75m 1 Brown £22.23 £22.23 £17.78 £17.78 £14.82 £14.82
01597 Corrugated Paper Rolls 500mm x 75m 1 Brown £25.88 £25.88 £20.70 £20.70 £17.25 £17.25
01578 Corrugated Paper Rolls 600mm x 75m 1 Brown £33.78 £33.78 £27.02 £27.02 £22.52 £22.52
01579 Corrugated Paper Rolls 650mm x 75m 1 Brown £33.65 £33.65 £26.92 £26.92 £22.43 £22.43
01580 Corrugated Paper Rolls 750mm x 75m 1 Brown £38.83 £38.83 £31.06 £31.06 £25.89 £25.89
01581 Corrugated Paper Rolls 900mm x 75m 1 Brown £46.59 £46.59 £37.27 £37.27 £31.06 £31.06
01582 Corrugated Paper Rolls 1000mm x 75m 1 Brown £51.77 £51.77 £41.42 £41.42 £34.52 £34.52
01583 Corrugated Paper Rolls 1200mm x 75m 1 Brown £62.13 £62.13 £49.70 £49.70 £41.42 £41.42
01585 Corrugated Paper Rolls 1500mm x 75m 1 Brown £77.65 £77.65 £62.12 £62.12 £51.77 £51.77
01586 Corrugated Paper Rolls 1800mm x 75m 1 Brown £93.18 £93.18 £74.54 £74.54 £62.12 £62.12
01588 Corrugated Paper Rolls 2400mm x 75m 1 Brown £133.20 £133.20 £106.56 £106.56 £88.80 £88.80

Wessex Packaging’s range of corrugated paper is made from 100% recycled material, and all of our single faced corrugated paper rolls are excellent for general packaging protection and interleaving.

What is protective packaging?

Protective packaging describes packaging materials that can be used to wrap, interweave, surround or fill in between your items to keep them safe and make sure they are more likely to arrive at their destination in the best possible condition.

There are a variety of different protective packaging options, including paper, polystyrene, bubble wrap, foam, and biodegradable options.

How do I choose a protective packaging that best for my needs?

What’s most suitable will depend on what item you’re packaging, how you’re sending it and what you prefer to use.

If you are sending something that is more fragile, then to protect it against the bumps, knocks, jolts and drops that can occur in the postal or courier system, then you should choose a protective packaging that is more shock absorbent.

If you are looking to wrap or protect items for general storage, then perhaps a more ecological paper-based material would be more suitable. This would protect your items from one another, and is very flexible to fit around and between many different shaped items.

What paper protective packaging do you have?

Our most popular protective packaging made of paper is TheBoxer®.

TheBoxer® is a 450m roll of 100% recycled and recyclable paper packing material and is ideal for many uses.

Simply pull the paper from the centre of the roll and feed into the box that you want to fill or to wrap around items. The 80 gsm paper is strong enough to act as a protective layer, but also can be torn by hand to any length.

As a sustainable protective packaging option, TheBoxer® comes in a cardboard box and is compact and easy enough to move to any location in a warehouse or ecommerce fuffilment centre.

If you are operating in a high volume packing area, TheBoxer® is also available in a floor-standing dispenser that can be easily moved to a packing station and the paper pulled from it directly into the box. TheBoxer® dispenser is height adjustable, mobile and with a swivel head, so can be shared across multiple packing areas at one time if required.

Please Note: We DO NOT deliver to residential addresses


a) We will arrange for all goods to be delivered to the address you choose but the cost of delivery may be included in our invoice.

b) You must arrange for manpower and equipment to be available to unload the goods when they are delivered.

c) We will do our best to ensure that goods are delivered on or before our estimated delivery dates but these dates are estimates only and we cannot accept responsibility for any loss arising from delays in delivery however those delays arise.

Return of Goods

No goods will be accepted for return without prior arrangement and a handling charge will be made if goods are accepted for any reason other than faults of manufacture. Drivers are unable to collect goods without an authorised collection note.

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