We've always been clever packaging people...

Right from the very start, back in the '70's when Mr Paul Barter saw that the shopkeepers of Somerset needed paper bags to package their goods in.

Driving around to those shopkeepers and delivering their packaging in his trusty Ford Cortina, became the beginnings of the Wessex we are now.

Being based in the heart of Somerset, it wasn't far to Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Avon, Wiltshire and Wales. Wessex became a recognised force in the world of packaging, helping businesses, pack, store, wrap, stick and hold their goods.

For over 40 years, our family of experts has been making life easier for our customers. Which is the reason our team of technicians, buyers, logisticians, designers, sales and customer service agents come to work everyday. A team of packaging professionals, thinking about your business.

We're now a national brand, going further than just the ancient kingdom of Wessex, providing packaging solutions, materials and machinery to industries throughout the UK.

That said, we're internationally recognised and appointed as exclusive UK agents for specialist global packaging machines. Recognised as professionals, we can help as part of your supply chain and logistics teams.

We are all about partnerships and working together. We want your business to grow, that's why we go the extra mile...sometimes literally.

As a family business, we care.

For our team, customers, suppliers, environment and the communities we work and live in. That's why we're ISO 9001:2015 certified and committed to a positive, caring attitude across all our partnerships.

With these commitments we’ll continue growing…in expertise, experience and being at the forefront of the industry for innovation, ergonomics, quality & customer service. We’ve come a long way from paper bags.

We can make your packaging life easier.

That's why we're clever packaging people.


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Years of service

We're proud to have been packaging experts since 1975. From humble beginnings, we’re pleased to serve businesses, big and small, across the West of England, South Wales & throughout the UK.

Stock ready now

We're all about providing packaging solutions for you. That's why we have 97% of stock items available for next-day delivery. Ready for you, when you need us.

Positive rating

We value what our customers think and so each month we ask for feedback. In a recent survey, we're delighted to say that 100% of respondents rated us as "Very Good", "Extremely Good" or "Excellent". Thank you!