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New! WRAPIDO™ Nano hand pallet wrap and dispenser.

WRAPIDO™ is our new nano hand pallet wrap film and easy-to-use dispenser!

Our WRAPIDO™ system is the latest advancement for warehouse teams who wrap pallets by hand.

The combination of an ergonomic, lightweight dispenser, with a roll of nano stretch film, is proven to deliver some of the best hand wrapped pallets!

The pallet film is made like our best-selling PowerWrap® machine stretch film, with multiple nano layers of polymers, using the same principle as plywood, or bullet proof glass. These polymer layers are selected, blended and extruded to create a technologically advanced product, that is far lighter, and stronger, than conventional pallet stretch films.

This excellent pallet film helps reduce movement of palletised goods in transit; has a higher clarity than most films, for a better quality of presentation and barcode scanning; and importantly, often uses less plastic per pallet wrapped, reducing your plastic consumption.

Plus, the WRAPIDO™ system has a brilliant, and super-useful dispenser!

Specifically designed to make wrapping pallets by hand, not only much easier, but also, much more efficient. the dispenser is ideal for warehouse teams across the country.

The WRAPIDO™ dispenser is lightweight and ergonomic, and allows warehouse users to walk forwards around the pallet as they wrap it, holding the dispenser easily in one hand. This makes it easier; helps improve the workflow for the operator; and is safer – no more walking backwards around a pallet!

And WRAPIDO™ has a very clever packaging idea…the ends of the dispenser are magnetic!

A little innovation that helps warehouse teams keep their rolls of pallet stretch film easily, and safely, to hand! Simply stick it to the handle of your pallet pump truck or pallet racking, and you’ll have it to hand when you need it.

So, we are delighted to have WRAPIDO™ as one of our latest additions to our clever packaging solutions here at Wessex Packaging, and judging by the interest being shown, and orders being taken, WRAPIDO™ is soon to become a best-seller!

Watch how to wrap a pallet with WRAPIDO™ on our Wessex Packaging YouTube channel.

If you’d like to find out more about WRAPIDO™, or to arrange a demo, visit  our WRAPIDO™ page here.

Or get in touch, we’re happy to help with any packaging advice, materials or machines. [email protected] or 01935 474 217

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