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New PowerWrapper pallet wrapping machines!

Our new range of PowerWrapper pallet wrapping machines are now in stock and are already being delivered to customers across the country!

In their distinctive grey and yellow Wessex Packaging colours, the PowerWrapper 1100 machines are designed as high quality, high volume semi-automatic pallet wrappers.

Ideal for use in warehouses that need to wrap between 20-40 pallets per hour, the PowerWrapper 1100 makes perfect sense. Easy-to-use and very efficient, these pallet wrapping  machines take the strain out of manually wrapping pallets, and significantly reduce the health and safety risks involved in having an operator walk around a pallet backwards applying the pallet film.

This new model is part of the PowerWrapper range that includes the PowerWrapper Robotic; the PowerWrapper 50; and the PowerWrapper 300. Details of all the PowerWrapper pallet wrapping machines can be found on our website here.

As pallet wrap, load stability and packaging experts, all of us here at Wessex Packaging recognise the need for warehouse and logistics managers to have the machines and machine film to ensure their end-to-end process is efficient and secure.

That’s why we offer no-obligation audits of your pallet wrapping process, and can bring a PowerWrapper pallet wrapping machine to your warehouse to demonstrate it in situ.

PowerWrap® multi-layered polymer machine stretch film is widely used on many pallet wrapping machines and is proven to reduce the amount of plastic film used to wrap each pallet. Often plastic reduction savings of 50% can be achieved.

We’re excited to have the new PowerWrapper 1100 machines in stock, and excited to see them going out to customers’ warehouses.

If you’d like advice on any pallet wrapping issues, or want to book an on-site demo or audit, call u son 01935 474 217, or email [email protected].


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