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Cut plastic waste with PowerWrap® nano stretch pallet wrap

We’d like to introduce you to PowerWrap®, the nano stretch film pallet wrap to help lower plastic consumption.

This new generation of pallet wrap is far stronger than conventional pallet films. Wessex Packaging is proving that it can reduce the amount of plastic used per pallet by 50%.

We’re working with warehouse managers, logistics teams and supply chain operations across the country. For these teams, PowerWrap® is delivering pallet wrapping benefits for load stability; clarity of product presentation; and lowering the Packaging Waste Recovery Note (PRN) obligation.

By running no-obligation pallet wrap audits, we’re helping warehouse and logistics teams to identify the real cost involved in wrapping pallets. We work together to make improvements and help the teams hit some of their operational and environmental KPIs.

This is helping them save time, cut plastic waste and reduce packaging costs.

In one recent 30 minute pallet wrap audit, a massive £50k per year saving was identified. We did this through a more accurate pallet wrapping machine setting and by removing the use of a thicker, heavier pallet film. We also introduced PowerWrap® to provide the most efficient pallet film.

For warehouse managers, operations managers, or those running a logistics or supply chain distribution centre, Wessex Packaging is setting the challenge to deliver more for less.

As pallet wrap experts, we have the proven experience to help warehouse, manufacturing and distribution centre teams wrap pallets more effectively, efficiently and to help them evaluate the real cost of wrapping pallets. With there being so much emphasis to cut plastic waste, Wessex Packaging can really help you to hit your plastic reduction and environmental KPIs.

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