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Introducing LockedAir®…next generation air void fill packaging system.

Wessex Packaging is pleased to announce the launch of LockedAir®.

New to the UK, LockedAir® packaging systems are the very latest technology in air void fill and provide options for workplace packaging solutions across many industries.

The LockedAir® technology inflates and seals air pillows or cushions on demand, allowing you to wrap them around your products for impact protection, or to block and brace within a box, to ensure the product is secure and immobile.

Trusted in online order fulfilment operations globally, LockedAir® machines, air cushions and air pillows help solve packaging challenges through every stage of the journey, from factory floor to customer and end user.

The LockedAir® machines use a range of films that inflate to provide air cushions and air pillows, and are designed so that you can create your own versatile and cost efficient packaging, freeing your business from storing bulky bubble wrap or big boxes of loose fill in your workplace.

Plus, packaging with LockedAir® makes more environmental sense.

  • LockedAir® Air Pillows are 98% air, a definite low impact packaging option
  • 100% reusable
  • 100% recyclable HDPE film
  • Ultra-thin films (35% less than standard formats)
  • Use significantly less packaging material than bubble wrap etc
  • High strength puncture-resistant films
  • Low energy, small footprint machines

We’re delighted to bring this technology to the UK market.

Please contact Wessex Packaging for a free demonstration or to see how LockedAir® can help in your business.


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