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How to Measure a Cardboard Box

In the world of logistics, where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, the significance of how to measure a cardboard box cannot be overstated.

A box too large can leave your product damaged and your reputation tarnished, a box too small risks crushing your product and compressing its contents. Accurate cardboard box measurement is imperative to seamless operations and orchestrating that perfect shipping experience.

This guide will help you effectively measure your boxes.

  1. Internal Dimensions: When referring to measurements, it’s important to note that we consider the internal dimensions of the box, which represent the usable space inside. These dimensions differ from the external measurements and provide a more accurate representation of the box’s capacity.


  1. Identify the longest and shortest opening dimensions of the box. The longest opening dimension corresponds to the length, while the shortest opening dimension represents the width. Grab a tape measure and measure these dimensions precisely to capture the box’s true size.


  1. The third dimension to measure is the height, which reflects the vertical dimension of the box. This is sometimes known as the “depth.” Take care to measure from the bottom of the box to the top, ensuring an accurate depiction of its height.


  1. It’s essential to account for any additional padding you plan to use to protect the contents of the box. If you intend to include bubble wrap or other cushioning materials, such as HexaWrap or TheBoxer Void Fill, it’s recommended to add at least 5mm to each dimension. When the boxes are folded there are a couple of millimetres lost in the crease so it is always good to allow a few extra millimetres for this too. This extra space ensures that your product fits comfortably within the box, accommodating the protective padding.


How to measure a cardboard box. internal measurement guide from Wessex Packaging
How to measure a cardboard box. Internal measurement guide from Wessex Packaging

Focusing on the internal dimensions of the box, we ensure that the usable space aligns perfectly with your product’s needs.

So, whether you’re a business owner, logistics professional, or simply organizing your belongings, mastering the art of measuring a cardboard box empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and deliver exceptional results. Embrace precision, consider every dimension, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from a perfectly measured box.


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