Gummed Paper Tape
Water Activated. Makes taping easy.

Efficient. Eco-Friendly. Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape.

Easy to use

One click, plastic free box taping solution.

Save on Storage and Cost

With 200m roll options, remove the downtime of roll changes which also take up lass space.

Enhance Customer

3 colour print options available.
Promote your brand in an eco-way.

100% Kerb Side Recyclable

Place in the same bin as your other cardboard waste.

100% Tamper - Proof

Using the same glue as the box flutes the paper fibres bond creating a tamper proof seal.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Pallet Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches 1-9 Packs 10+ Packs Pallet Rate Qty (Packs)
FTK715R Heavy Duty Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape 70mm x 150m 12 600 Brown £76.80 £6.40 £63.96 £5.33 £57.24 £4.77
FTK7200R Light Duty Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape 70mm x 200m 12 480 Brown £83.40 £6.95 £70.80 £5.90 £61.44 £5.12
FTO715R Heavy Duty Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape 70mm x 150m 12 600 Oyster £100.32 £8.36 £83.64 £6.97 £77.16 £6.43
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Code Description Size Pack Qty Colour Price Per unit pack
mm inches Unit Qty (Packs)
AT4000 Electric Water Activated Tape Dispenser Takes 50mm/75mm Tape Takes 50mm/75mm Tape Each Blue/Grey £899.95 £899.95

What is water-activated tape?

Want a more eco-friendly packaging tape option?

Try Wessex Packaging’s gummed paper tape instead of plastic tape.

Our gummed paper tape is 100% recyclable and made from renewable natural resources and provides a neat and very secure seal when applied to most boxes.

You’ll use a lot less gummed paper tape than you currently do with plastic, your packages will look neater and more professional, plus, you’ll probably have less aches and strains from pulling a tape roll over and around a box.

Unbelievably, there can be approx 3m of unrecyclable plastic tape used on many boxes, and if this waste plastic is left on the cardboard box after it’s been used, it makes the cardboard unrecyclable too.

So if you’re packing boxes in ecommerce, shipping or manufacturing operations, switch to Wessex Packaging’s water activated gummed paper tape and make your packing a taping more sustainable and efficient.

This simple method means that packing or fulfilment operators do not have to use rolls of plastic tape and put multiple lengths on non-recyclable plastic tape on boxes, which can look messy when they arrive at the end customer, but are also cannot be recycled with the cardboard.

Water activated gummed paper tape is ideal for use in e-commerce fulfilment centres; manufacturing packing stations; post rooms; and other packing locations where neatness, security and eco-friendly packaging is required.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Tape.

The Water Activated Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Using a water activated gummed paper tape machine, the whole packing and taping process is easy – simply press the button on the machine to select the amount of packing tape you need for your box, and the machine will dispense a pre-programmed length – that is already moistened with water to activate the natural rubber adhesive – ready for you to stick on the box.

Wessex Packaging’s water activated gummed paper tape and dispenser provides not only a neater and more sustainable packaging solution, it is also more secure. The gummed paper tape provides greater security against tampering and pilferage whilst the goods are in transit or in storage. Gummed paper tape has the ability to become a part of the cardboard box itself, as the fibres of the tape and the cardboard become interlinked. This means that any attempt to remove or peel back the tape on the box will leave a mark and damage the box.

The electric gummed paper tape dispenser from Wessex Packaging moistens and dispenses cut lengths of recyclable paper tape. The keypad allows pre-programmed or bespoke lengths of tape to be cut and dispensed already moistened so that the tape can easily be placed on the box in a smooth and easy application. The machine houses a refillable water container that quickly heats up to moisten and activate the gum on the tape.

Wessex Packaging's water activated gummed paper tape machine

Tech Specs

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“50% quicker + tamper evident.” Telecommunications Company
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