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ErgoPack success at IMHX Logistics Solutions Show

Our ErgoPack mobile pallet strapping machine team has just returned from another very successful IMHX trade show.

IMHX, The Logistics Solutions Show, was held at the NEC, Birmingham, from 6th – 8th September, and had many thousands of supply chain, logistics and manufacturing industry visitors.

Our distinctive red ErgoPack stand returned to the show and this year featured our new lithium battery powered ErgoPack mobile pallet strapping machines. We also introduced a new pallet strapping chopper machine, to help businesses recycle any waste pallet strapping material, helping towards a more circular economy.

Many visitors were drawn to the stand by seeing the ‘ChainLance’ come out of the ErgoPack machine, through the base of the Perspex pallet box, and then over the top to the operator. This caught the eye of visitors to the show, who then stopped at our stand, as they recognised a situation where ErgoPack could help in their own workplaces.

The comment we heard most often was; ” That would really help us, I didn’t know that technology existed!”

This simple realisation that manual pallet strapping, often by a warehouse worker pushing strapping through the base of a pallet on the end of a broom handle, is very outdated and very unergonomic.

The use of an ErgoPack machine to strap a pallet means that the operator doesn’t have to bend, stretch or walk around the pallet. It takes the awkwardness out manually strapping a pallet, and makes the process ergonomic, easy and efficient.

Visitors to our ErgoPack stand have now arranged for us to visit their site, for their own no-obligation demo.

Simon Watt and Kevin Saltmarsh are our two top ErgoPack experts, and they visit companies across the country to show how ErgoPack machines can help not only improve efficiency, but also improve the wellbeing of operators.

If you’d like to discuss how ErgoPack could help in your business, call us on 01935 474 217. Or email us at [email protected] to arrange a demo at your warehouse or distribution centre.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at IMHX, and we look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Wessex Packaging. Official GB ErgoPack Distributor.

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