e-tape™ – 150m of exceptional tape. Our new video!

Watch Rhys demonstrate just how easy it is to use e-tape™ – our most popular packing tape range.

E-tape’s high quality, range and tape gun performance makes it the top packing choice.

With three tape options designed to seal effectively and efficiently in all environments, e-tape™ works as your perfect packaging partner.

Rhys shows how each roll has 150m of high-performance tape – with a small core giving you more per roll; taking up less storage space; less waste; and less downtime to change rolls…all clever packaging solutions.


With 150m length rolls, you get:

• 127% more tape*

• 56% less waste*

• Less downtime as you don’t have to change rolls so often.

* Compared to standard 66m length tapes

e-tape™ is used in many packing operations across many industries. Its versatility and adaptability means it can be used with cardboard, polythene, plastic and painted finishes, often in applications where other adhesive tapes aren’t suitable.

“We use e-tape all the time. It’s never let us down & is our go-to tape in all our workshops.“

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