Sharp Auto Bagging Packaging Machines


If you want to increase your bagging and packing productivity, we're delighted to be able to offer you the range of US engineered Sharp Packaging Systems.


Sharp Packaging Systems design and manufacture systems for flexible packaging, enabling businesses to improve efficiency and productivity in their manufacturing and logistics operations.

Based in Wisconsin, and now part of the Pregis LLC Group, Sharp have been at the forefront of auto-bagging and packaging technology for over 30 years. Sharp’s product range includes semi-automatic machines, through to inline fully automated packaging systems, and customers that range from small, single machine operations to multi-national companies with manufacturing plants across the globe. Wessex Packaging is the approved UK distributor for the Sharp auto bag packaging machines.

The Sharp Packaging Systems range of semi and automatic bagging machines will simplify and enhance your fulfilment process. Sharp's bags-on-a-roll machines are ideal for e-commerce, retail fulfilment centres and mailing houses.

Our range includes the Sharp SX Tabletop semi-automatic bagging machine, and Sharp’s Max 12, and Max 20, continuous roll automatic bagging machines. Contact us for details and a demo.

All machines are ideal for packaging almost any product, quickly and accurately, and are being widely used in the US in e-commerce, retail, medical, automotive, injection-moulding, hardware, craft, beauty, food and electronic industries. 


The Sharp SX Tabletop semi-automatic bagging machine simplifies hand loading operations by feeding Sharp’s ‘E-Z Bags’ through the machine, which are then labelled or addressed and opened automatically.

The product is then inserted and the bag sealed. The SX Tabletop runs bags from 2”-11” wide and 4”-32” long, making it versatile and viable for many operations.


The Sharp Max 12 , and Max 20, continuous roll bagging machines run bags up to 20” wide and 40” long and are perfect for larger scale operations, with faster print times delivering gains in throughput and productivity.


Ask us at Wessex Packaging about automatic & semi-automatic bagging machines. Call 01935 474 217, email or Contact Us.


Sharp SX Auto Bagging Packaging Machine

Sharp SX Auto Bagging Packaging Machine

Sharp SX Auto Bagging Packaging Machine