Wessex Packaging is the official GB distributor for the ErgoPack range of mobile pallet strapping machines.

ErgoPack is ergonomic, efficient and easy to use. 

ErgoPack's unique technology enables pallets to be strapped without the operator bending down or walking round the pallet.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, ErgoPack's technology is used worldwide.

With a patented system, a chain lance slides under the pallet carrying the strap with it, and feeds it back to the operator. The operator has only to take the strap and fit the sealing head, and the strap is then automatically tensioned and welded.

This ingenious system removes the need for the operator to bend or walk, and so, is brilliantly ergonomic.

So, help improve your warehouse and distribution systems, and help reduce the chance of back pain for your operators, and ask us about an ErgoPack trial today.

ErgoPack : ergonomic pallet strapping systems. Ergonomic. Easy. Efficient.


The ErgoPack Idea:

When manually strapping pallets, the operator has to bend down twice and walk around the pallet once. For a properly strapped pallet with two strappings, this means bending down four times and walking around twice.

Strapping 50 pallets daily, with 2 strappings each, during 250 working days per year results in:

Bending down 50,000 times and walking 25,000 around pallets!

ErgoPack is simple to learn and comfortable to use. With just a short training period for your team, an under-appreciated job suddenly becomes interesting and enjoyable.


ErgoPack : Ergonomic mobile pallet strapping solutions. Ergonomic. Easy. Efficient.


Ergonomically better:

ErgoPack's machines can deliver a reduced risk of back problems; a safer strapping process; and more fun and motivation for operators...meaning a safer, more efficient and more productive workplace.


Find out more about ErgoPack by calling us on 01935 474 217, or Contact Us.


ErgoPack : Ergonomic and Mobile Pallet Strapping Solution 725E


ErgoPack mobile pallet strapping packaging machine

 ErgoPack mobile pallet strapping packaging machine

 ErgoPack mobile pallet strapping packaging machine