RotaWrap® Spiral Wrapping

An all-round performer...

Time and technology has moved on from heat shrinking everything. Packaging's gone round to a new way of thinking that's making life easier, more efficient, and more economical.

Spiral, or rotational, wrapping  is a solution that's designed to use the kinetic energy generated to good effect. Eliminating the need for wasteful stop-start heat generation.

By allowing you to wrap your products together, or to a cardboard base, RotaWrap® also removes the need to fill that void with bits of foam.

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Here at Wessex Packaging we're proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for this Italian engineered technology, and we've already received significant interest from customers, from a variety of industries, across the country. 

RotaWrap’s ease-of-use, and affordability, enables companies who are currently packaging long or awkward shaped products, to easily switch to a more productive and efficient product packaging process.

The RotaWrap® 620mm diameter machine has received interest from customers who are wrapping long thin profile products, such as aluminium and UPV extrusions, timber, pipes and worktops.  However, RotaWrap’s capability also enables a low cost, manual retention solution for some food and drink manufacturers where smaller packs of products can be wrapped without using a potentially damaging heat shrink process.

As a compact machine, the 620mm RotaWrap®, provides a much easier solution for operators who are traditionally hand wrapping products, removing the need for them to bend, stretch and hold awkward shaped products in place – therefore improving productivity, efficiency and ergonomics.

The benefits of RotaWrap® are:

  • Economic, easy and efficient wrapping
  • Uses automatically produced kinetic energy
  • Uses stretch film that's more economical that shrink film
  • Removes heat shrinking costs
  • Removes void fill storage and costs 
  • Improves product presentation
  • Is ideal for long profile products
  • Uses compact, robust and ergonomic machinery
  • Easy to use controls


RotaWrap® is ideal for

  • Lengths of timber, plastic extrusions
  • Doors, windows, plasterboard, ladders
  • Trays of products…even trays of delicate eggs…where strapping can cause damage

We would be delighted to provide an initial packaging consultation and demonstration of the spiral wrapping machine at our Somerset HQ and Innovation Centre.

The RotaWrap® 620mm machines are the most popular model, but larger, fully automated machines that integrate as part of conveyor packaging lines are available for more industrial applications.

So, come round to our way of packaging with the RotaWrap® 360° solution. Ask Wessex Packaging about spiral wrapping solutions.

RotaWrap spiral wrapping packaging machine

 RotaWrap spiral wrapping packaging machine

RotaWrap spiral wrapping packaging machine