Wrapping pallets is all part of the day-to-day. But it can add strength to your business.

Protecting and presenting your brand in the supply chain is crucial. PowerWrap does this for you, in the most efficient and productive way.

Technologically engineered film delivers the stretch, strength and puncture resistance that previously only thicker, heavier films could manage.

Now you can wrap more, using less film...and gain a bigger benefit. Put PowerWrap® into your business.

PowerWrap® is a unique, ultra-high performance, engineered machine pallet wrap film with exceptionally high stretch, puncture resistant and load holding properties. PowerWrap® is designed as a substitute for much thicker films and offers a typical weight saving of more than 50% compared with a conventional material.

PowerWrap® is engineered for you:

  • High clarity
    • Excellent product presentation
  • Exceptional strength
    • Wraps tighter, using less film
  • High yield
    • Lower cost per pallet
  • Engineered polymers
    • Film locks at 270% stretch
  • Puncture resistant
    • Stays strong on sharp corners
  • Time saving
    • Fewer roll changes and downtime


Choose from:

PW100S (500mm x 3600m) Clear film. 40 rolls per pallet

PW100500 (500mm x 3200m) Clear film. 46 rolls per pallet

PW120500 (500mm x 2675m) Clear film. 46 rolls per pallet

PW140500 (500mm x 2290m) Clear film. 46 rolls per pallet

PW100SBLA (500mm x 2720m) Black film. 50 rolls per pallet.

Choose PowerWrap® pallet stretch wrap for all your pallet protection. Call Wessex Packaging on 01935 474 217 for everything packaging.


PowerWrap pallet stretch wrap

PowerWrap pallet machine stretch wrap

PowerWrap machine pallet stretch wrap