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Wincanton Logistics

At their busy B&Q distribution centre near Derby, over 130,000 orders are processed each week.

These goods were wrapped using 4 automatic pallet wrapping machines and 23mu PPS film was used due to sharp edges and irregular shaped pallets. However, after having our Palletwrap MOT they found that their current wrap weight was 320g. Switching to PW100500, the wrap weight was reduced to 103g,

an instant saving of 68% with no adjustment to the machine settings. This equates to 40 tonnes of plastic per year!

We also were able to help the Lucozade distribution centre in Gloucester, which despatches a large volume of palletised orders daily. Despite the fact that they have ageing machinery, Powerwrap came out with a clear 50% material saving, with no compromise in load stability.

68% Plastic Reduction

Resulting in an 181% increase in the number of pallets wrapped per roll.

52% Cost Saving

Through increased pallet numbers and lower costs per pallet.

40 tonnes of plastic saved.

Would you like to reduce your plastic pallet wrap by 50%?

WIth our no-obligation consulting process, we will discover your business requirements, find the perfect packaging solution and watch the savings grow

Smyths Toys

Wessex Packaging was asked to help an International Toy Retailer reduces their plastic footprint.

They wrap circa. 400,000 pallets per year, using a turntable wrapping machines, as part of their logistics operation and were struggling to find a better solution.

As pallet wrap experts, we looked at their current situation. We found ageing, damaged machinery and an inefficient, outdated pallet film and process.

In addition, a long-standing contract on a “pay-per pallet- wrapped” pricing model was proving inflexible and increasingly expensive.

That coupled with excessive pallet film being used due to wear and tear on the wrapper machine carriages meant their operations were running below par.

Did we think we could help make their packaging life easier? Of course…

That’s why we’re clever packaging people.

68% Plastic Reduction

52% Cost Saving

57t CO2 Reduction

Working with the logistics team, we analysed and evaluated their process, and focused on delivering their KPIs.

By introducing the technologically engineered PowerWrap® pallet machine film, we delivered a 68% reduction in plastic used per pallet; a 52% reduction in cost per pallet; and a 22% reduction in time taken to wrap each pallet. This not only delivered strong KPI benefits but also enhanced the load presentation, stability and clarity of the product and barcodes through the film ensuring a significant overall pallet improvement. More pallets were wrapped per roll of film than previously resulting in reduced
costs, less down-time and less cardboard core waste.

New pallet wrapping machines were trialled and introduced, with higher quality anti-cut film rollers delivering a more consistent wrap and reduced maintenance. The overall process improvement means that valuable warehouse resource could be channeled elsewhere into higher value roles, with more significant savings.

Turning their previous pricing model on its head, a new pay per-roll model reduced the real cost per pallet and helped provide a return on investment that covered the cost of new pallet wrapping machine investment. Undoubtedly, a clever and commercial packaging solution.

Client Said...

“This new machinery and film combination is a no-brainer. It is saving us 20 pence per pallet film cost and the machines are faster!”

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Mars Pet Foods

PowerWrap Trials at UK pet food manufacturers distribution warehouse using semi-automated wrapping machines with standard 20mic film.

Challenge was damages due to unstable loads, breakages and bags splitting in transit costing the end-user circa £200K per year. This problem was compounded by split bags caused by load shift leading to full loads being rejected at the final destination. Wessex investigated this issue and discovered the existing wrap was not providing enough hold force to load on the pallet.

In addition to this, the film although of a heavy grade was not locking at optimum pre-stretch levels because the machinery was running at a stretch % that rendered the film ineffective and with excessive stretch still left in the material These settings couldn’t easily be changed.

Consequently, any movement in transit however slight resulted in the pallet losing its shape and load integrity and caused damage to the product. Any attempt to increase the number of wraps to achieve more stability only used more plastic and had no effect on the security of the pallet.

20% Plastic Reduction

60% increase in Load Stability

20t CO2 Reduction

Wessex introduced their PowerWrap Rigid Nanofilm, specifically designed for heavy load, low-stretch, high-speed situations. This eliminated a very costly transit damage issue demonstrated cost, environmental and efficiency benefits to the operation and improved end user satisfaction and client relations.

Are you experiencing load stability problems with your pallets?

Most of our clients have, you are not alone. Most companies will tell you to increase the amount of film wrapped onto the pallet. 

Not us. Our technology is in the film itself, and usually it requires alot less for alot more.

Hall & Woodhouse

Hall and Wooodhouse are a well-known regional brewery, supplying own branded ales to supermarkets as well as contract bottling for other breweries.

They wrap using a fully automatic Robopac machine at the end of the production line. Output varies between 100-150 pallets per day. The fixed gearing on the machine was only stretching the film 150% meaning that the hold force was low and gave a wrap weight of 296g and a yield of 50 pallets per roll.

Switching to Powerwrap meant that the tension could now be increased, giving a tighter wrap and a wrap weight of 148g with a yield of 101 pallets per roll. They then fitted new 225% gears to their machine, giving further significant savings by increasing the pallet count to 120 per roll.

Overall they have reduced their plastic consumption by 7.5 tonnes a year.

37p per pallet wrapped

100% increase in Load Stability

7.5t Plastic Reduction

" I might as well throw 4 out of every 5 rolls in the skip!"

Read on to find out how we reduced one client’s wrap by 83% with no effect on the pallet’s stability!

We are clever packaging people.

Folio Print Finishing

Folio are a busy print finishing company in Bristol, despatching pallets of printed and finished products from their bindery in Bristol. They were using a heavy 23micron film, however this was only being stretched 30% giving a loose wrap and a weight per pallet of 585g.

By switching to Powerwrap and increasing the stretch to 270% the wrap weight was reduced to 102g, giving an 83% saving and much better hold force. After the initial trial, the bindery manager commented that he might as well have been  throwing 4 out of every 5 rolls into the skip!

26p per pallet wrapped

93% increase in Load Stability

83% Plastic Reduction

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