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Carbon Neutral Packing Tape – New!

We’re delighted to have Carbon Neutral Packing Tape as the latest new addition to our adhesive tape range.

Made from recycled materials, we’ve offset the carbon involved in the production and transportation of this tape with Climatetrade™. This contribution will help one of their certified climate-regenerative projects around the world.

We decided to work with ClimateTrade™ as they are a globally recognised marketplace that enables companies to offset their environmental impact. They have a wide range of verified projects that include: a hydro power project in India; a landfill gas emission reduction project in Chile; supporting the Federation of Brazil Nut Producers to protect the Madre de Dios rainforest; and a forest restoration project in the Madre de Dios, part of the Ávila mountains in Spain.

Our new Carbon Neutral Packing Tape is available in 48mm wide and 150m long rolls. The tape is clear, with ‘Carbon Neutral Tape Made From Recycled Material’ printed in green, to help identify and support the sustainability message.

Using our Carbon Neutral Packing Tape can easily help towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly commitment in your business.  This adhesive packing tape, made from recycled materials, is a viable alternative to standard plastic packing tapes, and is a great way to start to use less plastic in your fulfilment packaging. Plus, as the rolls are 150m, you’re getting 127% more than a standard 66m roll!

Our Wessex Packaging Carbon Neutral Packing  Tape is available in packs of 36.

Carbon Neutral Packing Tape is just one of Wessex Packaging’s range of eco-friendly packaging materials. As experts in plastic packaging reduction, Wessex Packaging has a range of recyclable paper tape, such as Eco100®; recycled protective void-fill packing paper (TheBoxer®); recyclable honeycomb style wrapping paper (HexaWrap®); as well as pallet wrap stretch film, such as ReGen100®, which is made from recycled material.

Just ask any of the clever packaging people at Wessex Packaging about how you can reduce the amount of plastic packaging used in your business and to trial any of our eco-friendly packaging products.

For information and to buy Carbon Neutral Packing Tape call us on 01935 474217 or email us on [email protected]

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Carbon Neutral Packing Tape from Wessex Packaging, on a cardboard box and on a Wessex tape gun.

Carbon Neutral Packing Tape from Wessex Packaging, on a cardboard box and on a Wessex tape gun.

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