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Bubble wrap now with 30% post consumer waste!

We’re pleased to announce that our standard bubble wrap now contains 30% recycled post consumer waste!

This significant step will help your business become more eco-friendly with your packaging materials, and be compliant with the Plastic Packaging Tax.

Our Procurement and Development Team work hard to ensure that we bring you the latest in packaging innovation, and this new range of bubble wrap is just one of many sustainable packaging options that we have available.

Environmentally friendly packaging development is a key focus for us here at Wessex Packaging, and in the near future we’ll be bringing you more and more products that contain post consumer waste (PCW). Look out for the Plastic Tax Compliant logos on products on our site.

There is a requirement for a minimum of 30% PCW in many plastic packaging materials with the implementation of the Plastic Packaging Tax, which is being introduced by the Government on 1st April, this year. You can find out more about the Plastic Packaging Tax and download our useful white paper here.

Visit our online shop for more details and to buy our bubble wrap with recycled content.

For any advice on how to make your business’s packaging more sustainable, ask one of our team of clever packaging people on 01935 474 217 or sales@wessexpkg.co.uk 


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