Book a packaging ‘MOT’ today

Does your pallet wrapping tick the box?

Have you ever had a professional packaging stretch film audit?


Consider it as an MOT and we will help you…

  • Check the weight of your plastic pallet wrap.
  • Check the hold force of your pallet wrap.
  • Check the environmental impact of your pallet.
  • Check your pallet safety.
  • Discover your real packaging cost per pallet.

As pallet wrap and load stability experts, the Wessex Packaging team would be delighted to run through a free audit and trial at your workplace – or we can offer this service remotely via a live video stream.

In many cases, the leading companies that we work with are now using less packaging material…yet working more efficiently.

Call us on 01935 474 217 or email us at to see how we can help your business and offer you a fresh packaging perspective on the industrial / commercial packaging materials that you use.

Everything packaging. That’s what we do.

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