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12 Top Tips for Social Distancing in Factories & Warehouses

As MD of Wessex Packaging, I’m delighted that all of us here have been able to continue to operate during lockdown, as packaging is an essential part of the supply chain.

To help us all on the return to work, here are some tips that we’ve been using and that might be useful for you and your teams in the coming weeks.
If we can help, do just ask.
Best wishes, Mark Barter.


  1. Have hand washing facilities with running water, paper towels and soap for beginning and ending shifts.
    Where this is not practical, have alcohol-based hand sanitising gel available.
  2. Mark out walkways with floor marking tape or paint. Create a one-way system or have passing points.
  3. Use safety barriers to zone off areas that are not required.
  4. Organise work areas at least 2 metres apart, using barriers to keep people at a safe distance.
  5. Have people working side by side or back to back, rather than face to face.
  6. Use clear ‘sneeze’ screens to create a physical barrier between people.
  7. Make sure all PPE provided fits correctly.
  8. Keep work areas clear and have a cleaning schedule and timetable, include door handles, light switches and all touch points.
  9. Mark up all PPE, tape dispensers, knives, tools etc with the operator’s name and avoid sharing.
  10. Restrict toilet areas to one person at a time.
  11. Think of busy times and congestion points ie end of shifts, break times and stagger these to avoid interaction.
    Create breakout areas in unused offices or outside to avoid the canteen area becoming too busy.
    Have shift times start & end at quiet times on public transport.
  12. Use sealed waste boxes for used PPE and dispose of when full.


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